Five Favorite Parts With Greg Hunt

Intro & Interview by Farran Golding
Headline Photo by Ben Colen

The class of Greg Hunt’s work — and often personal relationships tied to it — is bound to productions whose influence is profoundly circular. The videos which first inspired Greg as a young skateboarder later became an anchor to the filmmaker who continues to give to skateboarding’s audiovisual culture.

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Five Favorite Parts With Neil Herrick

Photo by Sam McKenna
Interview by Farran Golding

The year started off with this series talking to Tony Hawk, so it felt appropriate to bring it closer to home as we wind it down.

Neil Herrick has the distinction of dropping one of the first great parts this year — filmed locally or otherwise — in Brandon Stepanow’s Open Container video, which is definitely worth running back if February feels like an eternity ago. It had a timeless, gimmick-free feeling of a section that could be dropped into any video from any era of street skating and fit, so we had Farran ask Neil about his inspirations.

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Five Favorite Parts With Nick Boserio

Headline Photo by Hjalte Halberg
Intro + Interview by Farran Golding

We’ve previously discussed how the familiarity with a skateboarder’s output can create an “Oh yeah, I see it”-bias before conducting a “Five Favorite Parts” interview.

Nick Boserio didn’t fall into this archetype, but surprisingly, none of his chosen video parts offered much indication as to where his frantic, Indiana-Jones-escaping-a-boulder approach to skateboarding might have taken root. Maintaining that mystery feels about right for someone who appreciates skateboarding that has a “rare” feel to it.

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