Five Favorite Parts with Ryuhei Kitazume

🔑 Intro & Interview by Farran Golding
📝 Photo by Changsu

Ryuhei Kitazumi had one of the coolest looking and sounding video parts of last year in Tightbooth’s LENZ III. His style and approach were born out of the black marble of the Japanese seaside plaza, Sega Mae, where the local Chatty Chatty crew set a precedent he keenly studied and would lead to finding kindred spirits all around the world.

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Five Favorite Parts With Vitória Mendonça

📷 Photo by Greg Navarro
📝 Interview by Farran Golding

If you have been reading QS for some time, you’ve no doubt heard us echo the sentiment that your friends are your favorite skaters six million times — probably even in an intro to an old Five Favorite Parts. Vitória’s list is emblematic of that principle. All of our superheroes need that layer of humanity, yaknow? ;)

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Five Favorite Parts With Andrew Wilson

📷 Photo by Ishod Wair

The other day, it was brought to our attention at our daily 10 A.M. that we’ve done one of these with Johnny [Wilson]. We’ve done an interview with Mitchell [Wilson]. We’ve even done a Five Faves with Josh [no relation Wilson]! And we’ve never done any formal, front-page QS content with Andrew — no doubt many people’s favorite Wilson. To remedy this egregious oversight, we got him on the phone to talk about another Andrew’s part from 2010 ❤ ️

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Five Favorite Parts With Ben Kadow

📝 Interview by Farran Golding
📷 Photo by Ben Colen for Thrasher

Five Favorite Parts is back.

If you ever wondered what possesses someone to, say, 5050 the bench on the Houston median depicted above, or boardslide the knobbed rail on Forsyth Street while everyone else is hurling themselves down the stairs — you can rest assured that the answer is a crossroad between Anthony Pappalardo and Jason Byoun ;)

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