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Big Cartel Era…

Threw some leftover hats + scattered sizes of QS gear on sale over on the webstore 🛍

If you live off the G train …godspeed.

A five-minute raw reel from a Carpet Company trip to Mexico City in 2023, while filming for their inaugural video, BRAT. Includes a Troy Stils sighting 😍

“The future is AI, and that might seem scary. But don’t be scared β€” be terrified, because people are making AI-generated skate videos now.” New Bronze 56k Radio mix for the summer is now live over on Cloud of Sound.

Feed the Machine” is a New York montage by Jake Durham featuring Mathias Rotstein, Matt Militano and more. Spot-on glimpse of what your spring’s looked like if you’ve met up at the Maspeth Ledges more than once :)

Baltimore brothers Sean & Brian Powderly’s shared part in Loophole Wheels’ 2nd Visions video is now live over on Vague (that gap 180 manny through the midday street was out of a video game) + Free has Ben Gore’s 2nd Visions part.

Just a young man shredding New York in slip-ons: lots of ground covered in Tao Antrim’s “Doable” part, which includes both a Shorty’s HORTY shirt *AND* a Quartersnacks SNACKS shirt, and reminds me that a mash-up of those two concepts was on someone’s old design pitch deck somewhere…

Headgear Volume 4” is a VX montage by some brodies who spend a lot of time at Chauncey Ledges :) Spotted via Skate Jawn.

“The ‘drama’ for Static VI was all in my head. At a certain point, the biggest obstacle for a long-running series becomes the history of the series itself.” Closer posted their interview with Josh Stewart from their last issue online.

Simple Magic has a rundown of pro skateboarders who have thrown the ceremonial opening pitch at MLB games. “However, what I really want to know is, has a PRO ever done a ceremonial puck drop? That’s when we’ll know skateboarding has officially broken through.” The Sports Desk doesn’t follow much hockey, but holy shit, found this out ~last week.

Boil the Ocean has begun its summertime mixtape series of video parts worth revisiting.

Five minutes of Pepe Martinez loosies culled from various 411VM montages β€” the nineties equivalent of the IG Explore Page.

R.I.P. Billy Mark’s West.

How Skateboarding Took Over Paris Fashion Week.” Village Psychic has has a video recap of the week when every single skateboarder was in Paris as well.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 β€” Two minutes of Jaako Ojanen loosies + a batch of loosies from the Last Resort AB team.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “Skullcandy is like Nike SB in 2014 right now.” β€” Jesse Alba

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