Rezza Will Be Starring in the New Season of ‘Game of Thrones’ — Bronze & Alltimers’ Bronztimers Tour Video

To celebrate their long-time-coming collaboration, Alltimers and Bronze embarked on an ol’ fashioned east coast tour through our nation’s capital, the city of brotherly love, the city of firsts, the city where they filmed The Departed — and how could we forget Albany?!

Throughout their skateboard hijinx, they face many ups and downs as they come of age: front-flipping security guards, excruciating gutterballs, rollercoaster casino runs, many McFeely bangers, and shoes of years’ past yearning for that elusive Sidlauskas John Hancock.

And they emerge all the stronger for their tribulations, towing accolades that range from Olympic medals to farmland ownership to 11-figure deals from late-aughts clothiers. Five stars.

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J’Adore — Will Marshall’s DC Part

The night before the Dime event in Paris, we were at some random bar (that sold scratch-off tickets …fuck) with Will Marshall, expounding on the virtues of Créteil, the downhill marble ledge spot in the Paris suburbs that was once called the best spot in the world on the pages of this website (until we visited Prague.) Will was less convinced of the hyperbolic status we were atoning it with, mainly because our understanding of skateboard mechanics is too plebeian to notice them. It was like being impressed with some expensive car that a seasoned mechanic knew every flaw of. Nobody present was in the habit of arguing with the hard-earned wisdom of a master, obviously.

ANYWHO, he did mention he had put in some work there regardless (“It’s easy™”), much of which pops up in his Paris-heavy new part for DC.

Did you know every pool table is also a skate spot?

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Drive The Fiat Like It Was A Chevy

📷 Photo by Joel Meinholz

“I hate to lean on this clichéd-ass targeted-ad-ass assertion, but skateboarding is a global support system.” Zach Baker wrote a trip article about an Alltimers trip to Medellín for Thrasher. The video + Joel Meinholz’s photography from it are all included 🇨🇴 Somebody bring Tom Knox to that first plaza.

Known goat, Jawn Gardner, empties and shreds an abandoned pool in Bridgewater, NJ that was built during the Eisenhower administration, and skated as far back as the mid-80s — while giving us a nice history lesson in the process 🐐

Ron Allen is 60 years old 🤯

Joe Buffalo has a new part out for his Anti-Hero guest board. If you don’t know about Joe, please watch the New Yorker mini doc about him from 2021.

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Feels Good To Be Here — Elijah Odom Rough Cut from Alltimers’ ‘You Deserve It’ Video

Alltimers has began uploading B-roll and raw files from their You Deserve It video.

The first installment comes from Boil the Ocean’s seventh favorite part of 2022, visiting general of the high wall at Pulaski, survivor of peak Brandon Westgate-level slams, titleholder for last year’s best frontside nosegrind, the video’s opener, and one of Miami’s finest: Elijah Odom.

Throw on some Shawty Lo if it starts to feel lonely with just the skate noises.

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