#QSTOP10 — August 26, 2022

Wish we could buy a beer for everybody who dropped a video the same week that Right Here For Pablo came out (or a coffee for the sober crowd.)

Wanted to give Tao’s new one a few slots of shine, though on any regular week, it’d be far more focal. Definitely watch that one on the Place site if you have yet to. Includes a GX-worthy hillbomb for sure.

Mr. Sanbongi’s new one — pure excellence. One of the best doing it today.

And man, shout the fuck out to the goat Dave Caddo, still finding new spots within city limits and doing all sorts of wild shit on them, nearly two decades after the original Dobbin Block videos began making their way onto the Internet 1.0. A role model to us all. Even if you’re 18 right now, this dude’s passion and dedication this deep in the game is truly inspiring.

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#QSTOP10 — August 19, 2022

It might be the laziest part of the summer, but the suggestion list for this week was 20+. The Mal Cuidadano video out of Uruguay is most certainly worth your time, if you want to peep a skate scene pretty unknown to North American skaters. Wish the skaters’ names in “Good 2 Be Alive” were easier to figure out, because that one definitely had some moves that should be in here ❤️

Have a good one.

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#QSTOP10 — August 5, 2022

One of the weeks where IG had a lot of the good shit (despite that update everybody keeps complaining about.)

The O.G’s had a big week (was tough to pick a single trick from “Spiritual Healing”, but had to feature that one on account of Fred’s story about that spot being impossible to skate unless you had a mattress up against the wall at the bottom.)

Oh, and Stu front boarded the rail at one of the biggest busts in the city.

Have a good one 💞

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