#QSTOP10 — December 4, 2020

Might be one of those “This is a bit too gnar for QS”-weeks, but the #1 — like, you can’t help but laugh once the second angle comes on because of how insane it is.

…and the Jamie Foy tricks in that Deathwish video are also so psychotic that it was almost more starling to watch him skate a marble out ledge that your friends have skated. Then he backside noseblunts the Heath Sight Unseen cover rail in the next clip…

A lot going on this week, and yes, most of it is centered around the Cons and Deathwish videos. Tried to add a few indies when possible ;) have a good one.

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#QSTOP10 — November 27, 2020

This was the original edit of this week’s countdown. Figured we could add some variety despite how unnecessary it seemed at the time. But when we’re old and grey, sitting on a rocking chair with our grandkids and they’re like, “What was skateboarding like in the week leading up to Thanksgiving 2020?” — the only response will be “Once upon a time, when the Mafia ruled the land, there was this great man named Brandon, and…”

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#QSTOP10 — November 20, 2020

We have officially entered skateboarding’s Oscars season. Heavy on the stuff pulled off Thrasher this week, but that’s what happens during awards season. Also stoked to see Naquan Rollings edits front and center on the Thrasher homepage :)

Have said a million times before that these things are always meant to be fun and arbitrary, but this week is ESPECIALLY arbitrary. Because, like, saying the sentence “Yeah, a perfect back smith down the Le Dome hubba wasn’t the best skate trick uploaded to the internet this week” out loud is absolutely fucking preposterous. All of your “#__ should’ve been #__!” commentary is correct.

Enjoy the weather ♥

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#QSTOP10 — November 13, 2020

Cutest roll-up 2020

Glue, Primitive and pressure flips.

Obvs the Glue video deserves your undivided attention. It’s an immersive experience in a way that this weekly clipshow can’t really summarize.

Also, is 4th Quarter low-key the best Primitive video?

Happy Friday the 13th + first full Tom Knox part since Vase day + Future & Uzi drop day.

Last but far from least: Happy birthday Zered Bassett

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