Milano Report — Spezzatura’s ‘PANORAMA 3’ Video

Panorama 3 is the latest project from Spezzatura and his Milan-based crew.

Maybe it’s making too much of the Y2K nostalgia that seems to be everywhere these days (the following video includes a C1rca soccer jersey, Rocawear gear, and a Kerri Hilson Timbaland song…), but something about this current generation of videos coming out of Milan feels spiritually tied to watching the Love Park-based videos of the early 2000s. There are plenty of other European cities with a long-standing mega spot, but their narrative often feels like it’s told in fragments. Southbank hardly feels like it is a staple of your average London scene video today; MACBA’s scene reportage feels more tailored to social media. Watching a Panorama video or one from Rat Ratz gives you this sense of the nearby spots to *the* spot, the route the day takes, and the adjacent crew members that aren’t necessarily *the* crew, but crew-enough to pop by for a clip or two. (Ratz’s Nils Matijas has an extended cameo.) It speaks to the power of a central skate spot, even for those of us who only absorb it through our screens. And what greater goal is there for a skateboard video than to make all of us feel like we’re right there with them?

Also worth noting that these dudes have gotten maybe 10x more bomb at skating since their last one ;)

On another Y2K note: while it’s surreal to watch, idk, gratuitously stone-washed jeans happen twice, there’s something brain-bending about a succession of “underground” Fat Beatz-ass rap be followed by “golden age” Native Tongues hip-hop, that’s *then* proceeded by a Chief Keef mixtape intro that came out last week. Those three camps used to be ideological islands, with a stubborn insistence that you couldn’t listen to one and still fuck with the other — and it’s great that nobody gives a shit about any of that anymore.

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