Spots: Queens

Update — Summer 2016: The ledges inside the court have been fenced off and are slated to be knobbed.

vernon 1

Update — March 2011: The park installed a fence around the perimeter of the basketball court’s interior. It doesn’t affect the spot too much, but you can no longer skate the drop down ledges from the outside pathway leading into the court.

Spot: Pink ledges in a basketball court and a frontside for regular metal ledge over a small gap. Super fun spot.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦♦: Typically a bust-free spot, but there will be basketball games going on during the summer months.

Location: Vernon Boulevard and 48th Avenue in Long Island City, Queens. Take the 7 train to Vernon Boulevard – Jackson Avenue. Skate north on Vernon Boulevard for two blocks. The spot is in Hunter’s Point Park and can be spotted by a perimeter composed out of four-foot high concrete spheres.

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