Yo It Might Could Be Summer?

May 27th, 2016 | 1:25 am | Video & Remixes | 2 Comments


Summer Bod Goals

Though we never released the official transcripts, there was a QS Board meeting this past winter than rendered the era of the five-to-six minute web montage completely, like, ~over~. With Instagram videos reaching one-minute durations now, we’ve come full circle in that dudes can basically break through with about as much footage as they would have needed for a 411 “Wheels of Fortune” in 1998. Hoarding clips from February until Memorial Day for a mega montage seems like something that made more sense in 2010 yaknow? Quick “logs” make more sense, and here’s some stuff that didn’t make a lot of those aforelinked #logs yo. Jk, the “End of Summer” clip will probably be fifteen minutes long ;)

Enjoy your long weekend. How great is actual summer :)

Features Matt Perez, Genesis Evans, Haffa, Josh Velez, Troy Stillwell, Keith Denley, Pad Dowd, Connor Champion, Gavin Nolan, Kadeem Walters. Filmed by Andre Page and Pad Dowd.

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Bronx Rainbows – QS Pop-Up Spots

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Photo Via Colin Sussingham

Oddly enough, the idea of this one also came by way of another sorta bad Syracuse spot. Except rather than a cement rainbow inched away from a brick wall, it was reinterpreted on the “Oh I been there once while so-and-so tried to wallride the fence” Tiffany / Huf Banks. The spot already underwent some low-key Jerry Duty via a ledge-to-bank years before, so it was rife for what could best be described as a rainbowy Venice curb propped over on a 45-degree angle midbank.

Thanks to everyone who came out, and to Levi’s Skateboarding for the support in these lil’ projects. Filmed by Max Hull.

Previously: Volume 1

Dude It’s Almost Summer

May 23rd, 2016 | 11:26 am | Daily News | 2 Comments


Dude it’s gonna hit 80 this week. Correa via Koolmoeleo obvs.

The new Boulevard video is solid. Chill part from Enrique Lorenzo on steroids A.K.A. Tiago Lemos that has a ton of New York footage, and a full part from noted flamenco guitarist and flip-trick god, Daniel Lebron. Yo the hardflip that starts the S.F. Armory line is maybe the best hardflip ever.

Skateboard Story has an interview with our bud Rick from NY Skateboarding.

How to Fix the Marc Johnson / Lakai Mess in Ten Easy Steps.

John Shanahan has a “Video Check Out” feature over on the Transworld site. Between this and the new Matt Velez clip, fitting a police barrier between the three-stair and the manual pad at the Hunt’s Point spot is a hot look for summer 16.

Whole Bitch is the new, full-length video from the B.S.A. / Couch squad.

Jenkem has a “Locals” feature with Kevin from N.Y. Ramp Co, the guy who pretty much singlehandedly revitalized the actual skating that takes place at T.F.

This. Is. Sportscenter. Daewon Song career top 10 plays.

Thrasher interviewed Lucas Puig, and then Free interviewed Lucas Puig.

“Skaters now lookin’ a little emo, but it’s all good.” Village Psychic interviewed German Nieves about skateboarding and tennis correlations, #da90s, and his brand, Paterson.

Brad Cromer made a quick trip to New York iPhone edit.

It’s insane how even after all these years, an all Barcelona edit will still have a handful of spots that you’ve literally never seen in any other Barcelona clips. This Zoo trip clip with Gav, BD, Ron, etc. is a good time. Sants is on version like 5.5.

Good bit of Philly Santosuosso footage in this Bruin Hyperfeel video from Minneapolis.

Completely arbitrary fourteen-minute mash-up of nineties New York skateboarding that has 63 YouTube views. You’ve seen most of it :)

Trick Tip: How to Make Trendy Instagram Videos.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Even though Russell Westbrook is the greatest basketball player in the history of sports, still see it going to the Warriors in a close 7. Anyway, here’s an angry one-handed rebound.

Quote of the Week: “Kent Jones is like the new Shaggy.” — Stuart Hammond


$€$€ J.B. G-Edit €$€$

May 20th, 2016 | 2:22 am | Video & Remixes | 1 Comment

g edit

After Gino, there’s a contested debate about who has been as unflinching in their career-long dedication to never putting out a single piece of #badfootage. Our vote goes to French style-god, J.B. Gillet. Since overlooking the weird French rap in Rodney V.S. Daewon II to observe the brilliance of his futuristic trick selection, to the dude easily earning a top three distinction of favored parts among the QS office in the mid 00s, and all the way down to a late period that trumps any of his SoCal contemporaries (we already tackled Europeans’ ability to crap on all similarly-aged Americans re: the “people just want to see you skate”-maxim three years ago), J.B. has held a special place in our hearts.

Here’s a quick remix of his best footage from Bon Voyage and onward — based on a concept expanded from a two-month old Vine. Thanks for everything man.

If J.B’s Freedom Fries part doesn’t convince you to maybe not film your boy doing a crooked grind nollie flip at L.E.S, probably nothing will :(

Quartersnacks Pop-Up Spots

May 18th, 2016 | 12:49 am | Video & Remixes | 21 Comments

pop up spots 1

Photos via Colin Sussingham

We love garbage. Having spent the better half of the last decade lugging trash to Tompkins, coverage of every trick to go down on it has been the lifeblood of this aimless skateboard media institution. But of course, the street debris that gets left at T.F. is fleeting. We’re lucky if it sticks around for 24 hours. We know at least 85 unemployed industrial design graduates looking for something to do on rainy days — why not create something more substantial, more permanent, and more concrete?

With the support of Levi’s Skateboarding, and partial inspiration from @mini_spots, New York Ramp Co., and simply put — the most streamlined for skating and ideal versions of mundane obstacles, e.g. a parking barrier carbon-copied off mini barriers we found in Syracuse — we created an ensemble of easily transportable concrete crap. It’s a step-up from the hunks of crap that get left at Tompkins.

Filmed by Max Hull.