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og respect

Johnny Wilson [depicted above] broke his collarbone this past weekend and needs some of your help covering his medical bills. Please donate here. He promises to post weekly video blogs again once he’s recovered jk.

Damn, the HUF store is the new hot spot in New York.

“What’d you do last night?” “Got choked up watching twenty-year-old footage of people I’ve never met before.” Manolo’s FTC remix video is I N C R E D I B L E. It’s twenty minutes long and an emotional rollercoaster that reminds you how beautiful skateboarding is, how amazing all the friends you meet in it are, and how many perfect songs have been born via “Munchies For Your Love” samples.

“Once I finished the Sideyard, I didn’t have anything else to work on. I started having ideas of stuff to do with mold-making because I was doing so much of that at work, so I started building little concrete sculptures.” — Zach Baker interviewed my favorite skater, Max Palmer. P.S. I have seven or seventeen favorite skaters.

Black Sheep Skate Shop’s second full-length video is now online.

To supplement that psychotic part Oski dropped last week, Free Skate Mag compiled a bunch of his scattered clips throughout Instagram and montages to make a summer remix. That three back 360s line omg.

Don’t apologize buddy.”

You’re doing pretty good if the biggest regret of your career is only riding for Quattro Wheels. Chromeball interview #101 is with 101 rider, Eric Koston.

Matt Velez uploaded Mark Humienik’s Sable part as a loosie as per our request :)

Here’s fifteen minutes of Walker Ryan New York raw footage, including a good bit of B-sides that weren’t in the reedit video from a couple weeks back.

The POP videos are one of our favorite (and oddly enough, most underrated) montage series coming out of Europe. Someone made a 15-minute POP remix.

Louie Lopez had to give his report card to his first shop sponsor in order to get on the team, and Pontus Alv looks through some old boxes.

Skate Muzik Episode #6 is with Peter Bici.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Ewing Theory™ for the win!

Quote of the Week: “Yo, do you wanna hear some bars?” — Slicky Boy, 2:30 A.M. on the dance floor of a China Chalet party

Be yourselves y’all. Baby you’re a firework.

Quartersnacks Top 10 — May 19, 2017

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qs top 10 may 19 2017

One of the shortest top tens in recent memory, even for what was a remarkable week in the skateboard world. Seven days filled with Adidas’ London video, a late pass on the Bostonian AVIDYA project thanks to Instagram reposts, The Creature Video, Primitive’s east coast trip, Oski’s Nike part, and the roll-out of the X-Games’ “Real Street” sections made this a tough one to narrow down to ten.

Luckily, the #1 isn’t a guy jumping off a roof, for the first time in four weeks ;)

Have a good one ♥

Original Clips:


Intro via @Andrewdowntown on Instagram [link] 10) Gustav Tonnesen via Adidas’ “Meanwhile, London” video [link] 9) Ishod Wair via “Real Street” part [link] 8) Daewon Song via Adidas’ “Meanwhile, London” video [link] 7) Rodrigo TX via Adidas’ “Meanwhile, London” video [link] 6) Roman Lisivka via Primitive’s “Vision Test (East Coast Version)” video [link] 5) Brian Delaney via AVIDYA [link] 4) Milton Martinez via The Creature Video [link] 3) Oski Rozenberg via “Elite Squad” [link] 2) Tiago Lemos via “Real Street” part [link] 1) Peter Raffin via The Creature Video [link]


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*Airhorn* — Drop Offs Volume 8

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drop offs 8

After nearly a year-long hiatus, the award-winning* Quartersnacks Drop Offs series of extras, Matt Perez and B-sides has made its return.

The footage circuit of the minute-long IG video era has rendered the seasonal montage obsolete around the QS office. We have yet again been forced to lay-off our montage-editing staff in the face of technological advancement. The sessions that would otherwise yield clips for Start of Summer, End of Summer and Christmas Clip anthologies now have their footage condensed into Instagram clips, and thrown up only to be viewed, chewed and forgotten.

Tossed the raw footy from those, along with some outtakes and highlights from Matthew’s IG takeover (the full video was too ignorant to keep on YouTube) into this.

*Matt dropping his bagel in 2014 earned him a Cannes award for best short film.

No background music as usual. Songs are no different than skate tricks in 2017’s fickle attention economy, but as far as the past week is concerned, this is the most perfect song currently floating around the Baseshare universe.

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Who Is the Manu Ginobli of Skateboarding?

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vega fakie flip

Vega by Heikkila

Should be caught up with shipping web orders from last week by the end of today. Thanks to everyone for their support. If you don’t receive a tracking number to the e-mail you ordered with by tomorrow, feel free to hit us up. In the meantime, there’s still a bit of stuff left in the webstore, and we have updated our stockists page.

Stuff you’ve already seen: Bronze and Zoo York’s “Amber Alert” Barcelona video, featuring the fakie flip above (from the spot everyone got kicked out of on that trip.) Thrasher also posted the article and photos from the trip online.

Village Psychic made an infographic to commemorate ten years of B.A.T.B.

Any video featuring youths skating midtown gets a post: Bot Video from Ewan Creed.

Volume 22 of LurkNYC’s “New York Times” outtakes series features a long lens angle of that psychotic 5050 across the scaffolding at Chase from their last video.

Have a hard time telling Roman and Marek apart sometimes, but the Primitive trip to D.C. and New York clip is pretty bomb, and a nice palette cleanser when you need a break from the “relatable” skating we post on here :)

The Bunt’s latest episode is with Aaron Herrington (shout out to all of our scooter rider QS readers and to Aaron Szott), and Jenkem’s latest episode of their “Hanging Out” series is with…Aaron Herrington.

Everyone’s always surprised to remember that Keith Denley still rides for Hopps, but nobody is surprised that Mark Del Negro now rides for Hopps. Jahmal cameo ♥

Ever since the Bobshirt thing (fave one yet), I’ll watch/read any Reda interview. This new(ish) one with a CUNY college show is nice to throw on in the background.

Some Jersey skating B-sides from Tommy Koehne.

Place has a light interview with Lucas.

“When you feel overwhelmed, walk alone through the woods and forget your name, your title, your education and view yourself for what you really are — another mammal wondering why it is here but appreciating the fact that your civilization has not as yet been evaporated by a supernova.” — Got sidetracked reading a 2012 MIT commencement speech while doing this post ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ You can pretty much skip the first half because you didn’t go to MIT, but the rest is a nice #mondaymotivation #riseandgrind #letsgetit #workflow moment.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: John Wall’s game winner was sick, and tonight is the most excited the Sports Desk has been for a game all post-season, but 87-year-old Manu Ginobli’s block on Harden takes it. He also dunked in the game yesterday and he’s 93 years old. It’d be nice if the Kawai thing isn’t serious :(

Quote of the Week:

FullSizeRender 4

Love how half the skateboard internet re-posted this part like it was new, but yeah, it deserved a lot more burn when it first dropped. Watch Bleach in full here, and should someone upload a single of Mark’s Sable part?

Quartersnacks Top 10 — May 12, 2017

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qs top 10 may 12

Big week for heelflip-outs and the Bennett family. Jason Byoun is brilliant.

If you ordered something from the webstore on the first day (Monday, May 8) and have not yet received a shipping confirmation, we SHOULD have your order out by end of today. You will receive a tracking number to the e-mail that you ordered with as soon as it ships. If you do not receive one, please hold until Monday when we are fully caught up with shipping. Thank you for the support, and apologies for the delays, we have a pretty small operation running here ;)

Have a sweet weekend xoxo ♥

Original Clips:


Intro — via @cjkeossaian on Instagram [link] 10) Niels Bennett via “Awake” part [link] 9) Neil Herrick via Meadowlands part [link] 8) Pete Solvyns via Nike SB’s “Cumberland County” video [link] 7) @kat_in_the_hat via Instagram [link] 6) Josh Wilson via Bronze & Zoo York’s “Amber Alert” video [link] 5) Jack O’Grady via Nike SB’s “Cumberland County” video [link] 4) Kevin Leidtke via “Sabotage in Lyon” [link] 3) Chachi via Bronze & Zoo York’s “Amber Alert” video [link] 2) Thaynan Costa via “Our Sweet Baby” part [link] 1) Cyrus Bennett via Nike SB’s “58 Tour” video [link]


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