Late Pass? — Limosine’s ‘6drop’ Video

About nine hours after its release, we are perhaps the last skateboard media institution in existence to not have posted something about the new Limosine edit.


By now, you have probably caught wind of the fact that the video contains two — yes, two! — tricks heard around the world. (A trick heard around the world is that rare moment when the Instagram timeline unifies into a consensus and every account reposts the same clip. Notable examples are Tiago’s switch back tail on the high, not-skated ledge at MACBA in 2017, or Midler back 3’ing into the Hollywood car wash in 2020.) Today, these were, of course, Noah Mahieu’s other-way 5-0 pivot to fakie 5-0 in Paris, and Karim’s already certified classic frontside flip over the Houston Park rail.

And we’re only reporting on them now.


Though it was no secret that Noah Mahieu made the switch over to Limo, “6drop” serves as a proverbial intro part for him, loaded with way more to wow at beyond that shoulder-contorting #viral moment. Safe to say that anyone fatigued on the proliferation of the 5-0 to crook variation is a convert after seeing its backside rendition.

New Limos goods available on their website.

Also: just came to the realization that the space between 917 video #1 (September 2017) and 917 video #2 (September 2019), is approaching the same span of time as between when Limo first dropped as a company (December 2021) and today. It literally feels like it started six months ago.

Time is I N S A N E.


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