The 917 Video Exists

It’s September 17th, the 917 video exists, we can’t keep the joke going forever, but we can wonder if Stu is jealous that Hugo and Nolan have the two best slams in the video.

The best skate videos are the ones that make you smile, and it’s impossible to not smile and giggle your way through this one. Logan is the best and it’s going to be really sad when he flies back to L.A. in an hour.

Happy Birthday Adam Zhu and Colin Sussingham ♥


  1. This one was one of the worst skateboarding videos I have ever witnessed. And saw plenty of ’em. Overhyped shitnado with ridiculous fashion choices. Viva la the next generation of Knox Godoys…Oh well they won’t last too long anyway.

  2. This dude is definitely wyling.

    I haven’t even watched the video but I can already tell he hate them b/c he ain’t them.

  3. This fool up here probably rides 40mm wheels and skates at 3 miles an hour…def hates them cause he ain’t them

  4. Max Palmer is a beast, but the rest of that video was eh. A lot of the dudes look like they have a hard time pushing. And that the 2 min logo/epilepsy check intro was rough.

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