917’s Second Video Is Now Live

Filmed + edited by Logan Lara ♥ (and prob some other people.)

Photos + captions by Ben Colen

Hit the 917 site for new boards and all that ♥

Haven’t watched the vid yet. Will check in with you once we’re back at the Airbnb ;)


Cyrus, 5050. This spot is right around the corner from one of the more popular skate hotels in L.A., but no one ever skates it because it is waist high and terrible.

Cyrus backside flip in Ventura.

Cyrus, ollie out to bank ride in Beverly Hills. Cy handled this before the overly concerned locals called the cops.

Alex, tre flip. Somewhere between running the company, retrofitting a van to meditate in, learning the mixolydian scale and DJing in Ibiza, Alex managed to tre flip this can.

Hugo, layback back tail at the old Big Brother HQ.

Hugo, tree bash and nose grind. This natural quarter pipe is the only thing stopping some actor’s house from falling off a cliff in the next earthquake.

Max might be the only person on earth who could back tail up this nearly vertical bike rack.

Max, nose bonk in his home town of Columbus. When we were skating this spot, a college student brought champagne out to celebrate with us.

Vincent one foot, Philly.

Vincent switch ollie, Philly. I think Vince switch ollied into this in 3 tries.


  1. besides the 917 namefor a company that rings so west coast or maybe even midwest which is kind of confusing, dig everything about what these dudes put out

  2. @loo ganida nothing wrong with the soundtrack stop listening to xxxtenticles and expand your appreciation of other sounds

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