It’s Only a Movie — Limosine Skateboards’ ‘Paymaster’ Video

Over the past year, those who traffick in skate rumors have been possessed by the question of where the roster of the 917 team would land. The lead rumor was that they all went off to start their own endeavor.

There are few videos held in as high esteem around the QS office as the first two 917 projects, so we are pleased to report that much of the line-up has stuck together — Logan behind the lens and edit included — to bring you Limosine Skateboards, and their first video, Paymaster. Nelly Morville, Santino Gagliarducci and Karim Callender are the new additions. (Stoked on there being a team with a Nelly and a Genny on it 😎)

And yeah… don’t want to ruin the first watch for anybody. Yes, it’ll have the be eligible for next year’s Readers Poll voting.

Incredible work from everybody involved, congratulations ❤️

You can buy a hardcopy, along with the first run of Limosine’s products, over on their website.


  1. that fucking 3 flip genesis evans did at the end of his part made me cum a bit not gonna lie

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