Vans Presents: Came to Argentina For Nothing

📷 All photography by Anthony Acosta

We had a plan to go to Argentina in May of 2020.

Around the time that the planning stage would’ve begun, some …things happened.

When those “things” got less intense, we hit Majorca instead.

After that, it was back to the drawing board: Argentina, for nothing.

Skateboarders โ€” forever convinced that we have the most unique brains of all โ€” actually all have the same brain. We’ve all wanted to go to Argentina since at least 2020. That July 2020 Santa Cruz video, where they dedicated an entire middle section of the video to the best spot in Buenos Aires, didn’t help quiet anybody’s desires, either.

Just before our trip, Thrasher did one of their “Vacation” episodes in Argentina. And at the tail end of our time there, we pulled up to a pin for a mini hubbba, only to run into the Converse team there. (They arrived just after what out Airbnb host described as “the hottest it has ever been here” had subsided.) On our second day, we ran into Wes Kremer, who said he stayed back after a Christmastime DC trip there. It was March.

And so, 2023 will provide you no shortage of Argentina content. Buenos Aires is beautiful, that main bank-to-ledge spot is one of the most insane natural spots on the planet, and the food is amazing (though probably a tough place to be vegetarian.)

And did everyone else also think that the Jerry Bag of Suck back smith rail was in Japan?

Shout out to Eze Martinez, Thomas, Emilio, and the Delivery crew for showing us love.

Video features Diego Todd, Stafhon Boca, Nick Michel, Etienne Gagne, and Danny Brady. Guest skaters are Eze Martinez, Thomas Hughes, and Emilio Dufour. Filming and edit by Emilio Cuilan. Supported by Vans.

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