Came to Sicily For Nothing

Knowing that that the Lotties video featuring Nick Michel’s breakthrough part was due out any day — and that Nick would soon be fielding offers from SpaceX, the Golden State Warriors and Goldman Sachs — Chris Milic, the eclectic C.E.O. of Frog Skateboards, had to act fast. The window to remind his star teamrider about skateboarding’s humble joys was closing, as he would soon be speeding down the Pacific Coast Highway in a Lamborghini Countach, on the way to his first billion.

Chris took out a second mortgage on the Frog Mansion™, and chartered a jet for Nick + his nearest and dearest friends to enjoy a tropical getaway. (Chris had to stay behind to work at his second job tutoring calculus.) Sicily seemed like a mythical place for a trip, and particularly ~trendy~ on the skate getaway circuit as of late, so that’s where we went.

…only we would all soon realize that European skate travel in 2019 involves showing up to every spot to remember that Deedz and 18 of his friends did everything there. We had to take matters into our own hands and, um, alter some sculptures to create landings where there was once only grass.

Features Nick Michel, Justin Henry, Etienne Gagne, Diego Todd, Ben Blundell + specials guests Danny Brady and Jesse Alba. Supported by Vans.

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