Lotties Skateshop — ‘Must Be Stopped’ Video

It was a rainy day in May of 2011. The reigning Skater of the Year was Mike McGill or Leo Romero or someone like that. Blue Park didn’t exist. Kader Sylla had not yet been born. Derrick Rose was about to become the youngest MVP in NBA history, as Future and YC’s “Racks on Racks (on Racks)” rung throughout car systems and night clubs in post-Great Recession America.

On E. 6th Street, we were helping Mike Gigliotti pack up his apartment as we scoured through bags of gear, leftover from fashions of yesteryear, and otherwise bound for Goodwill. He was due to set sail home for Los Angeles that next morning.

“I’ll be back!” he told us, ignoring in our tear-strewn faces.

…but like a wise man one said: “It’s L.A. Nobody leaves.”

What east coaster hasn’t fallen in love with someone from L.A? It’s almost a rite of passage. “It’s only temporary!” is what they’ll tell you as they depart, exalting the virtues of having “space” and “the weather.” Some will pursue the fool’s errand of long distance, but it only delays the inevitable knife in your heart.

Eventually, you have to accept that everything in this life is temporary, and root for their success from three thousand miles away. Mike once said that “All you need to open a skate shop is a Deluxe account.” While that might be over-simplifying things a bit, he opened up Lotties a few years ago, and it’s been heartwearming to see Lotties gear on people from all walks of life, all over the world.

“Must Be Stopped” is Lotties’ first kinda full-ish video, featuring Duster, Krazy Frankie, and a full Nick Michel part at the end + all that footage from the Lotties Mexico video that was online for two hours a couple months ago ♥

Forgot over a dozen people, so hit Thrasher for the full cast list.


  1. s/o Lottie’s sickest shop awesome video! s/o QS this writeup is TOUGH — touches a nerve on the transience of NYC over the years whether friends, neighbors, local skaters, favorite bars/restaurants, nearly the TF even, “everything in this life is temporary” and saying goodbye always hurts

  2. There’s literally like one cut/edit in the video that’s a little funky and the rest is flawless

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