#QSTOP10 — April 19, 2024

Obviously, the Darren Harper DGK video with his daughters at Pulaski is the most beautiful piece of skate content from the past week. Everything else, can be found here ;)

The #1… we were in Argentina at the same time as Tyler and Wes, and actually ran into them the day we went out to the same spot. Someone told us what Mr. Surrey did while we were warming up at another spot down the road. When we got there, it was like …what? That is an absolutely fucked thing to think to do at that spot, and the sandpaper/glass/hill landing is far less forgiving than video can ever convey, no matter how many pixels are crammed into the frame. Shout out to Tommy, Eze, Emilio and everyone out there.

Original Clips:


Intro via @krige_v [link]
10) Connor Kammerer via Stingwater’s SELF PAID video [link]
9) Carlos Mendoza via Stingwater’s SELF PAID video [link]
8) Rowan Zorilla via IG [link]
7) Deedz via “ACE Unlimited” part [link]
6) Lil’ Dre via Adidas part [link]
5) Chloe Covell via Nike SB “Day One” part [link
4) Wes Kremer via “DELIVXRY x SK8MAFIA” part [link]
3) Tyshawn Jones via Zac Saraceno KING part [link]
2) Zac Saraceno via KING part [link]
1) Tyler Surrey via “DELIVXRY x SK8MAFIA” part [link]


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