#QSTOP10 — May 22, 2020

Safe to say that this week’s intro clip shattered the record for the most something has been forwarded to the QS inbox for countdown consideration — be it an intro clip or otherwise.

And *spoiler* tricks on the Oakland courthouse ledge have been shoo-ins for top honors as of late, despite K.B’s back tail probably forever being the spot’s most iconic moment. A dear friend tried half cab crook on a local out-ledge recently, only to be stopped by the idea of half cabbing into something that could easily go over the top of the ledge at that speed (this is someone who is great at half cab crooks), so yeah, kudos to Mason for his work.

Our webstore relaunches at 10 A.M, see ya there ♥

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#QSTOP10 — May 8, 2020

Eduardo Da Rocha’s part in Pandora’s Box is the one we’re going to toss at the top of “Videos You May Have Missed” pile. It’s always funny reading phrases like “young blood out of Jersey” and thinking “hell ya, some Fred Gall-Quim Cardona descendent skating crust under a highway” — only to realize it’s referring to the island between the U.K. and France. All those other Jersey dudes rip in just as unique of a way, as evidenced by Luka Pinto’s part in the very same video

Happy birthday Conor Prunty and John Choi

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#QSTOP10 — May 1, 2020

Happy May ♥ A.K.A. usually the best month of the year in New York, but you know, 2020 is a bit different around here.

This is the first time we’ve managed to include a clip found on …Reddit. Any help on a name is appreciated. S/O to @brunobar79 on Twitter for the tip on that one.

Also, based on the Active sticker, someone is probably going to chime in with a “That footage came out already!” comment on the nollie hardflip, but let’s just appreciate the trick, yaknow?

Have a good one.

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