#QSTOP10 — April 16, 2021

Like Boil the Ocean said in regard to last year’s best video part: “Just cuz it’s obvious don’t make it wrong.” Imagine telling someone watching the first time the “is it backside? is it frontside?”-spot went viral that in less than twelve months, somebody would be doing it twice around… Apt that it occured at the 7:20 mark of the video, too ;)

Big week for frontside flip form as well ♥ have a good one.

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#QSTOP10 — March 19, 2021

Hills in the rain, tre flips on ice, and off-roading on cobblestones in this ‘gram-heavy week of the countdown.

Would vote a resounding yes on a vignetted fisheye Guy part with minimal flip-in-flip-out-ery. (Ok, maybe Mouse-level tech makes the grade, but that’s the entire point of this hypothetical nostalgia exercise, isn’t it?)

That Russian montage on Free is well-worth extended moments of your time ♥

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