#QSTOP10 — August 5, 2022

One of the weeks where IG had a lot of the good shit (despite that update everybody keeps complaining about.)

The O.G’s had a big week (was tough to pick a single trick from “Spiritual Healing”, but had to feature that one on account of Fred’s story about that spot being impossible to skate unless you had a mattress up against the wall at the bottom.)

Oh, and Stu front boarded the rail at one of the biggest busts in the city.

Have a good one 💞

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#QSTOP10 — July 22, 2022

Resisted the temptation to go for all-Hockey edition this week, because that’s probably the most on-air video right now for the QS readership.

If your inner lil’ kid didn’t light up seeing somebody do the N.A.C. into Courthouse — well, idk.

Couldn’t choose just one clip for the #1 either, but the weave he does on the stairs in Yonkers makes that hellish maze of broken bottles look like he’s cruising a snakerun 🥂

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#QSTOP10 — July 8, 2022

Was gonna use the Windhorst meme for a headliner this week, but then figured maybe 20 people would get that one. Also, it’s been rinsed all week, fine, fine.

Do you think T Puds is gonna drop a 2032 part called “The Biggest Bang?”

Can you believe there are so many club edits this week? 🔊

It was one of those “Free had all the good shit” weeks 🔴

Tim Savage’s “Brian, Brandon & Will” got deferred until next week, obvs.

H/T to @MostlySkate for the intro referral.

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