#QSTOP10 — April 12, 2024

Two tribute weeks, two weeks in a row 💔 Had to pay respect to an underground east coast legend. Rest in Peace Tim Achille ❤️

Otherwise, a week of fat tres, fat switch heels, some exemplary line choreography, and THPS combos IRL. Have a good one.

Original Clips:


Intro via @southtree_mie on IG [link]
10) Taylor Nawrocki via John Valenti’s Free Time video [link]
9) Frankie Heck via Dean Koontz’s “ENEGERY” video [Link]
8) Ish Cepeda via “METRIC SYSTEM” part [link]
7) Bret Gregory via Dean Koontz’s “ENEGERY” video [Link]
6) Vince Palmer via Rat Ratz’ “WHO SAID WHAT?” video [link]
5) Nils Matijas via Rat Ratz’ “WHO SAID WHAT?” video [link]
4) Emilio Dufour via IG [link]
3) Aaron Herrington via Static VI “The Sub-Dwellers” part [link]
2) Tanner Burzinski via WKND “The Professional” part [link]
1) Tim Achille via The Abstract Video [link]


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