Houston Park

Spots — Chinatown, East Village & L.E.S.


Low handicap rails going down a mellow ramp. A six stair that’s bad for skateboarding, but good to sit and look at girls on. There’s also a good bump that people set trash cans up to towards Delancey Street.

There’s a Whole Foods next door with a high concentration of good-looking women, so be sure to stop by after giving up on this not-so-fun spot.

Bust — ♦♦♦♦♦: The Parks Department normally does not hassle you for skating here.

Location: Houston and Christie Street / 2nd Avenue. Take the F train to Second Avenue, and it is right outside.

Pictures (Click to Enlarge):

Fun Fact: Chad Fernandez tried to drunkenly caveman boardslide the kinked rail that you see above. No, he didn’t notice the knob at the end.