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Wait, so Ben Chadourne was Skater of the Year all along? Knew it! Sorry, Keith (and Mark.)

They began demolition on the East River Park Amphitheater last week :( Alligator Ledge is blocked off, but you know, it’s Alligator Ledge 🐊

Something …not good seems to be afoot at Blue Park.

A wild ender on Pyramid Ledges, Tribeca street crossing lines, and newfound FedEx choreography in Jasper Stieve’s incredible new “Visitors” part for Picture Show. Thought it was gonna be the Dua Lipa version of that song for half a sec 😝

The Broth boys out of New Orleans have a new edit out called “Haunted,” with an ender part from Philly Santosuosso.

“Some people like to dwell on what they’ve already achieved. I hate even talking about winning Skater Of The Year, because that’s 2018, that was ages ago.” Tyshawn has a new interview with i-D magazine.

Ben Tenner, has a new 1/3 New York x 2/3 Barcelona part for Grand Collection.

Zubr put together a 12-minute Carl Aikens comp on the occasion of Carl going pro for Chocolate.

Aesthetics alumnus, Jimmy Gorecki, and a bunch of friends (Rob G., Danny Montoya) sesh their local schoolyard.

QS correspondent Farran Golding’s Péntaque part is live.

Wasn’t expecting one of the year’s best Christmas films to have this much pool skating, but it hits: “Satan’s Drano” by Bob LaSalle.

The goat Jawn Gardner talks through a bunch of the cover shots he has appeared on with the Look Back Library 🐐

Village Psychic remixed some Steve Brandi footy.

Mark Suciu skated around New York with Jenkem for a 16mm “victory lap” part.

Heckride has a very sick feature with Marco Hernandez discussing the stories behind some personal favorite photos that he has shot. That Pedro Delfino photo should’ve been a Bon Appétit cover.

Waxing the Curb writes about Paul Thomas Anderson’s Licorice Pizza, and Mark Suciu’s S.O.T.Y. win from a “hard work pays off” angle.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: Lonnie Walker over Gobert. Doesn’t have the drama of a long three for the win, but sheesh.

Quote of the Week
Man Writing A Check: “Pad says I owe you $2,580”
Will R.S: “I trust him with my life, but not with numbers.”

Rest in Peace Drakeo 💔