Weekend Viewing: Jordan Trahan’s ‘Broth’ Part

Broth is a new video out of New Orleans, and it features an ender section from Jordan Trahan filmed over the past two-and-half years. A lot of Jordan’s video output since 2015’s 5BNY feels like it has come via NB# vids, most of which are filmed on skate trips abroad. There’s a special charm to established pros filming hometown parts — think Gilbert’s Bust Crew sections, or Jake’s bro cam outing in last year’s Zeta Cacti video. Watching Jordan skate Louisiana porches, do bayou-side wallies, and string together lines at whatever that rusty pier Philly and them always skate carries the same feeling. (Yes, Jordan is from Lafayette, not New Orleans, but you get the idea.)

The entirety of Broth is a visual journey into a scene clearly making a lot out of not that much. Stepping away from an immersive scene video like this one and feeling like the locals earned even more of your respect than they already had is perhaps the greatest thing a 2020 full-length can accomplish ♥

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  1. this is one of the best crews in the world shout out to the twins and philly and zorch and s/o scooter w/ second to last part and whole gang buschgang slatt

  2. dude is at the top of the list of ppl i wish put out more coverage. could def see him on isle and on trips with the altnatic drift dudes. who does he even skate for these days?

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