Jake Johnson & Friends in ‘Zeta Cacti’ — A State College, PA Video

As you might remember from that Dickies video, Jake Johnson has been posting up in his hometown of State College, PA while he’s not traveling. Home to Penn State’s largest campus, and at the literal center of rural Pennsylvania, State College has a small but tight-knit scene, built around the small-town staples: D.I.Y. spots, curbs in parking garages, and backyard mini ramps.

Around those spots though, is frats. Lots and lots of frats. Zeta Psi is one of the most notorious ones, in that it was booted from Penn State for four years because of a gnarly hazing scandal. While Zeta Psi sat empty last summer, the skaters from State College would post up in their vacant backyard, using it as a spot to hang out after hours once the session was over. “A new frat moved in this year, but it was good times,” Jake said.

“Zeta Cacti” is a fun bro cam video compiled Ben Wentz, chronicling the 2019 scene in State College — which frankly, we haven’t seen much of since those footy tapes of Jake skating in 2006 got uploaded, if that ;)

Features Jake Johnson, TJ Barnhart, Doug Fay, Ben Wentz + appearances by a homies and couple visiting pros ♥


  1. Jake is an amazing skater, let me say that up front. I’ve noticed he’s got quite a loyal fan base too — anytime there’s even a fragment of footage on IG, the comments section goes nuclear. I just always noticed he doesn’t like..ever..put stuff out. He’s got this insanely lopsided fan-rabidness to footage-quantity ratio

  2. Yallah back 3, international market front board. Shit dude, call him Jake Johnson big skater. I hope I see them skatin around sometime

  3. I remember being so hyped to watch Tom Penny skate in Videoradio. at the time he was in this place called “Europe” relatively cloistered from skate media(pre internet) so when the Circa guys linked w him and he did that nollie hard on the hip and the 360 hippie jump in the train station even tho it was only a few clips it was the first time my juvenile mind understood less is sometimes more

  4. The scene doesn’t consist of DIY unless you are Jake, Ben or Doug. For everyone else it is flat ground and wallrides because State College doesn’t have a park.

    These guys somehow do less than nothing to support the locals. They take local spots out and put it in their DIY were no one except them can skate it.

  5. diy stands for do it yourself. sounds like jake and the homies are doing it for themselves. and you aren’t. try it.

  6. Jacob Jongsong surely does steal spots and puts them where only he can skate it. Just like how he steals tricks for footage. It’s utterly childish and absolutely nothing gets done for the locals. Can’t wait for the next part in 10 years

  7. Sounds a lot to me like crybaby Jake Johnsong doesn’t know how to share or film skateboard video parts, which is strange considering his occupation is to ride a skateboard. Heard a rumor of him taking a milkshake from a baby at that famous ice cream place in Penn State. I didn’t believe it then but now I’m really starting to change my mind….

  8. A lot of hate on here, Jake is a very nice guy, your acting like because his ramp “at his own house” isn’t open to the public he is an asshole. It’s at his own house!! I’ve skated enough backyards to know that people trash them, don’t clean up after themselves and act like the own the place if they are left to come and go as they please. Sounds like you guys are just jealous. Get off the couch in your moms basement and go build something yourself if you want something to skate.

  9. In response to Larry, they aren’t referring to his backyard mini. They are actually referring to the DIY spot that he tours in the dickies interview. No one expects Jake to let them skate his backyard mini, that is his own property at his own house. Your argument is based on a false understanding, sorry.

  10. I know all these guys and I grew up skating in State College. That town had NOTHING in the way of non-bust spots ( have 10 years of skateboarding citations to prove it) for decades… so when some dudes decided to get off their asses and actually create something by themselves, for themselves, you’re all gonna sit there and rag on it? They worked ( something you kids dont know shit about apparently) to build their own spots… moving earth and rocks and concrete to make these spots skateable, and have fought an ongoing battle with the township and careless randos who trash the spots to keep their DIY’s going. Its understandable why they are protective of them, because their existence is precarious… Maybe if you crybabies went there and helped work on the spots you would get access… or do you just want the keys to the place handed to you on a silver platter?

  11. Dope clips good skater too bad the diy gets locked even tho it’s got stolen spots from state college we got nothin left what about the rest of the local boys?

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