Wet January

“This took 6 four hour sessions, 8 gallons of lacquer, 4 sets of rails, 3 grinder blades, 2 custom longboards, 1 law enforcement evasion tactic and 20+ hours of labor.” — Satan. Kyle Walsh on the boardslide, Alex Papke on the photo for Satan’s Drano.

Do not forget to enter the Blue Park Obstacle Design Contest that we are hosting with Tenant! All entries due by EOD this Friday, February 2 🔵

🚨🍝 We have a Mommy’s Little Meatball tee sighting! 🍝🚨 Germany’s Irregular skate mag made a very fire Summer Trip To New York edit featuring Denny Pham, Daniel Ledermann (doing the best backside flip imaginable, naturally), Nassim Lachhab and more. The whole thing really picks up a few octaves towards the end, too.

The city announced a partnership with The Skatepark Project (formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation) that will renovate objectively two of the worst skateparks in New York (the one inside Brower and this one in The Bronx that some people from The Bronx don’t even know exists), plus build new ones in Soundview and Prospect Park. Waiting on that phase two announcement for the Banks though…

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Welcome To Hell — Satan’s Drano Presents: Dranochugger IV

It is likely that the first thought that will cross your mind once you find yourself immersed within the fiery brilliance of Dranochugger IV is: “where the hell do they find these guys?”

I allowed that thought to leave my mind, and was quickly told: “Long Beach.”

Even so, we have a guy wielding nunchucks as he kickflip boardslides into the the lowest level of hell’s parking garage, while another guy is searing his name into the record books for the world’s longest boardslide as two eager P.A’s from satan’s production company wax the ledge ahead of him. Another will carry a shopping cart up two rooftops to drop in off it, while John Choi does a frontside flip down eight a few frames later. By the time your stay in our earth’s lowest depths is coming to a close, it can only be filmed out a car window from the side of the freeway by the exit to Huntington Beach.

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Via Pat Stiener

Wait, so Ben Chadourne was Skater of the Year all along? Knew it! Sorry, Keith (and Mark.)

They began demolition on the East River Park Amphitheater last week :( Alligator Ledge is blocked off, but you know, it’s Alligator Ledge 🐊

Something …not good seems to be afoot at Blue Park.

A wild ender on Pyramid Ledges, Tribeca street crossing lines, and newfound FedEx choreography in Jasper Stieve’s incredible new “Visitors” part for Picture Show. Thought it was gonna be the Dua Lipa version of that song for half a sec 😝

The Broth boys out of New Orleans have a new edit out called “Haunted,” with an ender part from Philly Santosuosso.

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