Design A Blue Park Obstacle!

Tenant and QS are hosting a contest to design an obstacle for Blue Park.

Download the form below, and then either hand draw, digitally render, or plug in a photo reference of an existing structure with notes outlining your dream obstacle. The finalists will be selected by QS and Tenant, and then voted on by the public via QS. We will pay to have the winning obstacle built.

Please note! This will not be a PERMANENT concrete obstacle at Blue Park. It must be movable — we don’t have a million dollars and no, we can’t get the Love Park marble for it. Be creative, but also be realistic.

ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 EOD. Please submit your entry to blueparkcontest @ gmail [dot] com. Finalists will then be voted on afterwards.

Download the high-res here for printing 🖨


  1. Already noticed a lot of people being like “bring back *insert old obstacle*!”

    You can literally put a photo of a past existing thing (with notes, if you want anything different) and submit it to the email.

    There’s no real rules beyond the fact we don’t have enough money to built a mini ramp or a loop.

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