Tenant x QS Blue Park Obstacle Contest — Vote For Which One We Should Build

We have narrowed down an overwhelming amount of submissions to ten finalists in the Tenant Skateshop x QS Blue Park obstacle design contest. Now, the public gets to decide which obstacle gets built. Place your vote for your favorite obstacle below, and we will pay to have the winner built for the spring Blue Park season.

Voting closes at 11:30 P.M. on Friday, February 9th.

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Wet January

“This took 6 four hour sessions, 8 gallons of lacquer, 4 sets of rails, 3 grinder blades, 2 custom longboards, 1 law enforcement evasion tactic and 20+ hours of labor.” — Satan. Kyle Walsh on the boardslide, Alex Papke on the photo for Satan’s Drano.

Do not forget to enter the Blue Park Obstacle Design Contest that we are hosting with Tenant! All entries due by EOD this Friday, February 2 🔵

🚨🍝 We have a Mommy’s Little Meatball tee sighting! 🍝🚨 Germany’s Irregular skate mag made a very fire Summer Trip To New York edit featuring Denny Pham, Daniel Ledermann (doing the best backside flip imaginable, naturally), Nassim Lachhab and more. The whole thing really picks up a few octaves towards the end, too.

The city announced a partnership with The Skatepark Project (formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation) that will renovate objectively two of the worst skateparks in New York (the one inside Brower and this one in The Bronx that some people from The Bronx don’t even know exists), plus build new ones in Soundview and Prospect Park. Waiting on that phase two announcement for the Banks though…

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Design A Blue Park Obstacle!

Tenant and QS are hosting a contest to design an obstacle for Blue Park.

Download the form below, and then either hand draw, digitally render, or plug in a photo reference of an existing structure with notes outlining your dream obstacle. The finalists will be selected by QS and Tenant, and then voted on by the public via QS. We will pay to have the winning obstacle built.

Please note! This will not be a PERMANENT concrete obstacle at Blue Park. It must be movable — we don’t have a million dollars and no, we can’t get the Love Park marble for it. Be creative, but also be realistic.

ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE BY FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 2 EOD. Please submit your entry to blueparkcontest @ gmail [dot] com. Finalists will then be voted on afterwards.

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All These Damn Plugs and Young Takeoff I’m the Socket

Connor C. @ Columbus C. • Photo via @jfv.studio 📷

Feel like this should’ve been on the repost circuit way heavier… On Friday, Stussy dropped an eight-minute promo by Antosh Cimoszko featuring what amounts to small parts’ worth of footage from Aaron Loreth, Diego Todd, Jesse Alba and Hugo Boserup + appearances from others.

Also related: A few minutes of Diego Todd loosies.

The Halloween Stickers crew dropped HSS2 last week. No full Liam McCabe part, but that FedEx line is absolutely fucking insane. Not sure if anybody has done two flip tricks down the sixes before.

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Alltimers x Tenant Skateshop Baby Shower Recap

On Sunday, August 28th, Alltimers and Tenant threw a baby shower at Blue Park to celebrate their collab together. Here’s what happened. Recap video by Andrew Skateshop videography mastermind, Justin Stout.

Nolimitbrod was the MVP once again, two skate events in a row.

It is tough to remember a skateboard moment that went truly viral outside of our ecosystem — apart from a slam or Jamal Smith’s brilliance — but those Woody videos have made it everywhere from Akademiks to XXL.

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