All These Damn Plugs and Young Takeoff I’m the Socket

Connor C. @ Columbus C. • Photo via 📷

Feel like this should’ve been on the repost circuit way heavier… On Friday, Stussy dropped an eight-minute promo by Antosh Cimoszko featuring what amounts to small parts’ worth of footage from Aaron Loreth, Diego Todd, Jesse Alba and Hugo Boserup + appearances from others.

Also related: A few minutes of Diego Todd loosies.

The Halloween Stickers crew dropped HSS2 last week. No full Liam McCabe part, but that FedEx line is absolutely fucking insane. Not sure if anybody has done two flip tricks down the sixes before.

Village Psychic launched a new series called “Lurking With Lou,” in which Lurker Lou takes a special guest to the less-traversed corners of the city in search of rock spots and the like. The first episode is with Mark Suciu. The VS boys are also now on Patreon.

“Looking back – we all sat down that day at the Banks because we were witnessing the death and re-birth of street skating.” Eli Gesner told the story of Christian Hosoi becoming the first person to ever ollie over the Brooklyn Banks wall for Jenkem, alongside some photos from the day that were long believed to be lost.

….aaaand Jenkem went to the three-year anniversary of Tenant for their “Shop Talk” series.

Fabiana Delfino is the latest guest on The Bunt.

The Slam City Skates blog got ahold of Brian Anderson for an extended edition of their “First & Last” feature.

Walker Ryan hit a bunch of New York spots in the second half of his “Smalltown” part.

Stevie Williams provided commentary through his last full part in DGK’s Parental Advisory video, which turns ten in a month or so.

Added Place Mag’s “Bugatti Museum” video, filmed entirely at the Germanic National Museum in Nuremberg, to the Quartersnacks One-Spot Part Map.

Guess we’re still in store for the continuation of the last T.J. part + whatever Louie Lopez part contains the Paris 5050 from his Thrasher cover. Those who have an insatiable taste for S.O.T.Y. speculation might be intrigued by Boil the Ocean’s rundown of the contenders (“It’s probably not [Fred] this year, but imagine if it were”) + 4Ply uses the power of analytics to predict the day that S.O.T.Y. will be announced.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Jerami Grant at the buzzer, filmed by a skateboard videographer! FYI: there somehow hasn’t been a buzzer-beating game winner since April 17.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Why is he crying?”
Danny Brady: “He just found out how much the Palace Gucci hoody costs.”

Rest in Peace Takeoff 🕊

Completely forgot how that last one is like a top five Migos song. From the current-day vantage point of songs under two minutes (not mad at those, fwiw), it’s wild looking five years back at a five-minute song where three dudes all have 10/10 appearances across the entire thing and it doesn’t lag for a second.

This whole shit is just so fucking sad man 💔

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  1. Been a fan of Antosh’s videos since Side One, glad to see his name pop up again.

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