Tenant x QS Blue Park Obstacle Contest — Vote For Which One We Should Build

We have narrowed down an overwhelming amount of submissions to ten finalists in the Tenant Skateshop x QS Blue Park obstacle design contest. Now, the public gets to decide which obstacle gets built. Place your vote for your favorite obstacle below, and we will pay to have the winner built for the spring Blue Park season.

Voting closes at 11:30 P.M. on Friday, February 9th.

“Why wasn’t *my* entry selected as a finalist?!”

We tried to narrow down selections based on a combination of the sort of obstacles that have typically worked in Blue Park, and what people have often talked about wanting at the park, but never had.

Some submissions were far too ambitious and out of the budget.

Some were literal skatepark obstacles. Like, no, we are not building a funbox with an double-set and handrail down the other end at Blue Park you sicko.

Yes, someone submitted a loop.

There were like five bank-to-curb renditions, fifty spine ramp ideas, etc. — so we chose the ones that we liked best.

Some were just recreations of things that are already at skateparks 15-20 minutes away.

We got like three or four submissions for the bump-to-bar from the old Tenant contest. It’s at K Bridge! If you want to skate it at Blue Park, get a truck, and bring it there. It’ll be a quicker round trip than an Uber to JFK ;)

All the things below are “realistic” by our estimation of the word, and verified by builders as within the budget of what we can spend on this.

Options are listed in alphabetical order by first name.

Materials & proportions subject to change based on the discretion of the builders.

So here they are…

Option 1 – August

Option 2 – Connor

Option 3 – Dustin

Option 4 – Eric

Option 5 – Evan

Option 6 – Huy

Option 7 – Jordan

Option 8 – Mike

Option 9 – Scott

Option 10 – Shari

P.S. We only ask for your e-mail to weed out spam. We don’t sell your info or auto-subscribe you to our mailing list or anything like that.


  1. I think Eric’s submission is hands down the best, in that it offers several approaches and has something to offer for all skill levels from tricks over the hip, to going big over the bump to bar, and grinding/sliding the rails towards the closeout. The utilization of the textured cellar door surface is a great homage to NYC street skating as well.

  2. The manny pad launcher to launcher has endless potential. Seeing this obstacle done right would be both satisfying and fun to skate.

  3. Dustin – Option 3, I worked with Dustin on a park in my hometown. He knows his stuff and is an excellent and well rounded skatepark constructor.

  4. bump to bar/hip looks cool and isn’t something you can find at a dozen parks throughout the metro area, just need to get rid of the diamond plate

    southbank-inspired bank to ledge could be fun, would be nice if one side was flush and you had to ollie up the other side

  5. Idk why everyone wants to build these pre fab reminiscent hellish transition obstacles, when we all know a simple ledge and pad with slight variation/texture is best. Circle pad and 3 stair ledge are wassup … let’s be real

  6. “Park needs transition”… go to Cali or some shit, this is a diy basketball court with street features. The first renovation already ruined the flow, let’s not put more hunky clumsy infrastructure please

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