Wet January

“This took 6 four hour sessions, 8 gallons of lacquer, 4 sets of rails, 3 grinder blades, 2 custom longboards, 1 law enforcement evasion tactic and 20+ hours of labor.” — Satan. Kyle Walsh on the boardslide, Alex Papke on the photo for Satan’s Drano.

Do not forget to enter the Blue Park Obstacle Design Contest that we are hosting with Tenant! All entries due by EOD this Friday, February 2 🔵

🚨🍝 We have a Mommy’s Little Meatball tee sighting! 🍝🚨 Germany’s Irregular skate mag made a very fire Summer Trip To New York edit featuring Denny Pham, Daniel Ledermann (doing the best backside flip imaginable, naturally), Nassim Lachhab and more. The whole thing really picks up a few octaves towards the end, too.

The city announced a partnership with The Skatepark Project (formerly the Tony Hawk Foundation) that will renovate objectively two of the worst skateparks in New York (the one inside Brower and this one in The Bronx that some people from The Bronx don’t even know exists), plus build new ones in Soundview and Prospect Park. Waiting on that phase two announcement for the Banks though…

The design podcast 99% Invisible has a new episode out about the invention of the “double kick” skateboard in the late eighties.

Aaron Herrington recommends a skate video, album, movie and book for Slam City Skates’ “Offerings” series. (Sea of Love is cool, but everybody’s gotta watch Prince of the City.)

Good batch of New York spots and a lot of wild tech shit in Ben Patrick’s ASHES ASHES part. Switch slappy crook fakie tre on the Battery Park ledges definitely was not on the bingo card.

Greg Navarro interviewed a fisheye restorer to find out more about why the Xtreme fisheye (made famous by “cherry”) can cost as much as a decent condition Honda Civic from the year “cherry” came out.

Quick New York check-in edit via the Worldformation crew.

If you’re still thinking about S.O.T.Y, 4PLY ran the data on last year’s most productive skaters. After that, let’s all begin enjoying 2024 :)

Spot Updates 📍— Ladies and gentlemen, the digitally remastered Penn Plaza manny pad.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Six minutes of Andrew Allen loosies + six minutes of Joseph Campos loosies + ten (!) minutes of Shin Sanbongi loosies + a marathon edit of Brian O’Dwyer loosies on the occasion of him turning pro.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Mr. Brunson.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “I buy my griptape by the roll off Amazon like a true core skater.” – [Name Withheld]

The videos of the nineties, TODAY!

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