Big Squid

Bronze’s Christmas mix will warm your heart and make you smile ♥ Maybe the funniest one yet. Shout out Lindsey Robertson’s Bagels. It was a good run.

Notable snow content is as follows, choose your player: Kyota Umeki, MITCH, Alexis Lacroix.

This final stretch of the year has typically meant there was some sort of QS winter getaway in the cards after New Year’s, but you know… pandemic, etc. Instead, let’s travel ~*VIRTUALLY*~ with these recent features… 1) Skate spots in the Swiss alps with Irregular, 2) The Cuban skate scene with Skateism, 3) Marble relics of the Soviet Union with Free.

Alexis Sablone has a two-hour (!) interview with The Bunt, along with a new one over on Monster Children.

Free Skate Mag photo director Sam Ashley has a #longform interview over on the Slam site with all sorts of stories spanning decades. And yes, those Mauro Caruso photos from the Sicilian ghost city of Gibellina look like nothing else. That place is definitely on the bucket list :)

Thrasher has a full article about the making of Traffic’s Third Shift video that is an in-depth glimpse of the types of jobs skateboarders have. They also have Third Shift playing in full

ICYMI on Thrasher: Melodi’s new “Passing Through” edit, which is pretty much mostly New York footage this time around. That heelflip at the end ruled.

Christian Kerr wrote about how climate change could impact skate spots over on Village Psychic.

Just Another” is a new Buffalo, NY video from the boys at Moms Skateshop.

Caught these loosie / IG footage compilations of two favorites from Jolie Rouge over on YouTube: one for Coles Bailey, and another for Troy Gipson.

The Cafe Creme blog offers up their “Gourmet Selection” picks for 2020. Our Readers Poll results will be up in the next 48 hours ;)

This was one of those “wtf is this”-Boil the Ocean posts, and then you click the video, and then… yeah.

Quote of the Week: “They should put Dime comp marathons on TBS or USA during the holidays like how they play Law & Order SVU non-stop.” — Isak Buan

This dropped during that void of a week right before Christmas and New Year’s last year, and had a lot of cool shit in it. So here it is, one year later, and every bit as worthy of a revisit. Remembered it after seeing the crazy quick Paine Webber ollie in Nick Matthews’ HUF IG edit, and knowing it looked familiar…