‘Jolie Rouge’ from Noah Clothing is Now Live

Jumpman Jumpman Hjalte Halberg on production wow

After ninety minutes of rustling around and three position changes, a rookie group of stagehands figured out how to affix a white sheet on the Tompkins fence last night, so that Noah’s inaugural video, Jolie Rouge, could premiere. There’s a “how many skaters does it take to hang up a sheet?”-formatted joke in here, but it’s Saturday, the temperature is in the mid-70s, and the QS office should be empty right now.

Noah joins the ranks of Stussy in terms of clothing brands that have launched skate programs with formal video offerings this year. (Stussy’s was a bit more of a relaunch, seeing as how they had a goat-level skate team in the early 2000s.)

The young core of the team is the Homies Network dudes (Coles Bailey, Kyota Umeki, Quinn Batley), who retread some terrain from their video last year (e.g. Coles back 5050ing Kyota’s Misled Youth rail) + premiere crowd favorite, Troy Gipson, who offers up some simple-yet-brilliant Three Up Three Down choreography. Around them is supporting help from Frog (Chris Milic and Nick Michel), and veteran leadership from Hjalte Halberg and Bobby Dekeyzer.

The fact that the manny pad into “bank” across from Popeye’s on Canal has endured as a spot after all these years never ceases to be funny. Should probably run a full history of that thing on QS tbh. Who waxed it first?

Filmed and edited by Alex Greenberg.


  1. I know it has been a long time since skateboarding was counter culture or anything, but seriously noah :(

  2. this video is to volunteering to help clean up the local park on a sunday morning what strobeck’s videos are to doing coke in a loft with some girls all wearing leather jackets

  3. One in a million. You used to back Forrest on here but bow it’s Mango all day. Who’s the goat?

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