Stussy’s ‘How Original’ Video Is Live

How Original is the inaugural promo from Stussy’s skate team by Jared Sherbert. Includes parts from …everyone whose name you see in the image above. Having grown accustomed to seeing footage of these dudes in really specific settings, e.g. Diego in the agro Hockey-edit style, Aaron as a reserved fan-favorite in both of the 917 full-lengths, Cyrus in Johnny’s edits — it’s fresh to see them come together in something that feels wholly different than any video they had been in before, even just for twelve minutes. (And bookending together a 2020 Lance Mountain part, at that.)

Includes the footage of that fucked Cyrus ollie that Ben Colen took, and other nice things ♥


  1. Eh this felt a bit more “official” than that. It had the vibe of a full-length even if it wasn’t too long. I do remember those videos he made. There’s the Nike one where Lance kickflips that hip in L.A. too.

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