Life in the Slow Lane

Austyn Gillette by Andrew James Peters. 2011.

An interesting quarantine contest would be best rendition of Fred Gall’s phone call to Tony Hawk, which Boil the Ocean just transcribed for posterity purposes. That means comic book renderings, live action re-creations, claymation, anime, abstract art, whatever. Kinda like a skate version of The Simpsons “Steamed Hams” remixes. Yes? No? Do we call a Zoom meeting to figure out logistics?

“The only TV show I’ve been watching is FaceTime with Mitch B.” Will Marshall is the latest guest on The Bunt. Will has a tactful ability to almost *go there* but he never quite goes there, unless of course, you skate for Bones Wheels ♥

“Then one day after years of frustration and angst it dawned upon me: Damn, if everybody and their moms got banging kickflips, do I really need them? Ever since then I’ve been doing rocketed heelflips and now I’m a billionaire. You can do the same.” Thrasher speaks to Jamal Smith about his journey.

Farran interviewed Andrew James Peters about the above photo of Austyn Gillette (it’s at the same ConEd plant that “exploded” the following year), the photo of Dela doing the ollie on the roof in Brooklyn, and other selects that have great backstories :)

It’s always nice when things that have been around for a while — in this case, a video series — still manage to get better, and better with each new outing. Giddy #11 is the latest from Romain Batard, and it is pretty much a full-length with parts from Remy Tav, Val Bauer, Lilian Fev, etc. Skate Jawn has a bite-sized interview with Romain about the video.

Maybe the best of Joe Cups’ recent tape digs thus far: This batch of Billy Rohan footage from 2002-2003 really tugged at the heartstrings. Seeing 12th & A without anything on the back wall is just …crazy. It has footage of some seminal Tompkins obstacles, too.

1990s nostalgia has begun to dig in the …stack of Rage Against the Machine CDs. Nah, for real though, shop edits are more important than ever right now, in that they preserve the ethos of skate scenes while shops themselves can’t physically embody it. This new one from Seattle’s 35th North is incredible.

Alexis Sablone shows you how she’s livin’ and how to nollie flip.

The BSA dudes are working on a new video. You can find their last full-length, Sober, here.

Enjoyed this quick mix of Yardsale loosies.

Ty Beal put together a nine-minute video after a phone footage purge. Mostly Richmond stuff, with some New York mixed in.

The Man Who Films put together volume two of his quarantine skate video series, COVIDEO-19. (You can find part one here.)

If “phone dumps” are the #1 form of quarantine skate content, and selfie filming is a close second, then really, REALLY extensive raw file uploads are in third place: 30+ minutes of raw files from the Santa Cruz’s trip to New York last year. How far in you make it is directly correlated to how badly you need to leave the house for some fresh air.

“I’m just a person with a passion for animals.” The New York Times has a look back at that time a dude had a 425-pound Tiger living in his Harlem apartment.

Quote of the Week: “Babe, you had the best Hubba ad.” — Zered Bassett’s Girlfriend re: his Hubba Wheels Tenure

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  1. What a day for QS content — some FUEGO skate photos, legit Billy Rohan clips from a simpler time (Jaime Reyes cameo!), Fred Gall flirting w the Illuminati, and now a Zach Baker part! *sparks L*

  2. still waiting on the details for the freddy x hawk quarantine contest…….. got my storyboards ready eskeddittttttt

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