‘Too High To Go Fakie’ — The BSA Boys ‘Sober’ Video

Political parties in New York skateboarding have grown splintered in the post-12th & A and increasingly skatepark-ified late 2010s. Many found themselves in Brooklyn, pledging allegiance to Borough Hall afternoons, or *grinds teeth* …a lifetime stuck at Blue Park. The most longstanding of these nu-age political sects has been tethered to that chunky ledge by the McCarren Park bathrooms — or “the couch” — for already a decade. The BSA Boys are unique in their uncharacteristically high employment rate for a group of New York City skateboarders, many working for the set design studios that surround the couch’s north Brooklyn home, while the other parties largely operate on the fringes of the American economy.

Sober is their follow-up to 2016’s Whole Bitch video — the film that propelled John Francomacaro onto the national stage. Sadly, his skateboard appearances here are limited, save a special treat at the end of the video. Otherwise, there are plenty of faces you’ll find familiar from the Space Heater era of Johnny Wilson videos, or what Max Palmer once referred to as “the peak” ;)

Filmed and edited by Max Hull and Paul Coots.


  1. you over simplify the economics of brooklyn skaters a bit

    mccarren: set design

    boro hall: tech, creative agency, marketing and media jobs

    blue park: semi sponsored skaters slanging product and picking up shifts at some bushwick bars here ‘n there

  2. Finance bros skate in their parents cul de sacs that they most likely sold to an East Asian family at a six figure profit

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