Paris In August

Conor the lost Polar rider. Happy early birthday baby. Photo by Genesis Evans, who posted up a bunch of shots from the October 2018 Japan trip with everyone and everybody. Damn, miss traveling yo :(

The T.F. is closed, as of Sunday afternoon, until … ?

“What the fuck? Fuck.” The Hélas dudes’ twelve minutes of raw footage from their trip to New York while filming for Fellas is predictably… fucked.

“People always want to trap people in a box for what they’re good at.” Thrasher posted the audio of Tyshawn’s interview from their last issue, on the occasion of their “passing the torch” S.O.T.Y. feature.

Always love reading interviews with those who continue to make the 2020 skateboard media machine run on their own terms, especially if it involves a print component, and can become a full-time job ♥ Skateboard Story has an interview with Arthur Derrien of Free Skate Mag, which is one of the main forces out there that inspires us to keep doing what we do. There’d be a void today if not for Free. Positive that anyone who works in “skate media” would say the same :)

Beatrice Domond and the solitary joy a parking lot could bring, in “Beátrice de 5 á 7,” a video by Eric Duplessy.

“Think about it, you’re 18-years-old, “cherry” was your first video, your graduation has been canceled, your park closed, and now what? Learn a bunch of slappies in your cul-de-sac? That almost seems regressive, so what does skating look like sans parks and the people that thrive in them?” Joking about the sand is funny and all, but Anthony Pappalardo the Writer looks at the long-term implications of what could happen if skateparks remain closed in the COVID era.

Cairo Foster is this week’s guest on The Bunt, and the “Rapid Fire” section is an instant classic + Atiba is the latest curator on the Skate Muzik podcast.

“While in Germany you could drive up to a police officer with a can of beer in your hand and ask them for directions to the next brothel, wearing a Playboy t-shirt in Dubai could get you arrested.” The dudes from Germany’s Pocket skate mag have a sick article + video about their winter trip to the U.A.E.

Skate Jawn issue #55 is out, and this all-over-the-globe montage celebrates the occasion.

Bobby Puleo has a first look at the Skateboard Hall of Fame’s exhibit about signature skate shoes from inductees. Pretty much an express history of pro model skate shoes in eight minutes.

Art shows and Mr. Midtown.

Homies Network made a quick edit of Quinn and Isaac at the bad skatepark by the B.Q.E. A.K.A. Zered Bassett Park.

Raw Tapes Corner: Steve Marino has another installment of 2006-2007 clips from when Pad was hucking and before Yaje hit his growth spurt + Theories has volume two of raw files from Static IV.

First the squirrels took over the cutty spots in New York, next they’re coming from the L.A. schoolyards.

Quote of the Week: “As if I didn’t already have enough on my mind, now I gotta figure out which one of my neighbors just installed a stripper pole in their apartment.” — Dave Dowd

Been a recurring listen as the weather has started getting good enough to have the windows open in the mornings ♥ though I always skip the Tom Tom Club Ronald Reagan bit @ ~33 min. The Time one is so so good.


  1. I can’t wait for your write up on the skateboarding history of masks!

    Who could forget the dashing silhouette of Jimmy Greco in the depths of his Johnny Thunders phase with that pink stocking! I recall from the 80’s a particular fashion show in which the Sacto iconoclast Ricky Windsor donned an entire metal garbage can! To complete his street run with his two legs and board sticking out the bottom like an upside down Oscar the Grouch remains still an unprecedented and daring Brutalist Peacocking!

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