Paris In August

Conor the lost Polar rider. Happy early birthday baby. Photo by Genesis Evans, who posted up a bunch of shots from the October 2018 Japan trip with everyone and everybody. Damn, miss traveling yo :(

The T.F. is closed, as of Sunday afternoon, until … ?

“What the fuck? Fuck.” The Hélas dudes’ twelve minutes of raw footage from their trip to New York while filming for Fellas is predictably… fucked.

“People always want to trap people in a box for what they’re good at.” Thrasher posted the audio of Tyshawn’s interview from their last issue, on the occasion of their “passing the torch” S.O.T.Y. feature.

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Skateboarders Should’ve Known Squirrels Were Trying To Kill Us Long Before COVID-19

You have no doubt seen the “earthiest” person you used to hook up with (and still follow) suggest that the current pandemic is Mother Nature’s way of “getting back” at us. That one meme said that the earth has “sent us to our rooms to think about what we’ve done.” (She must know that we’ll be back on our bullshit once punishment is over though, right?)

However, before the undoing of all the good publicity that bats have gotten since the first Batman comic was published in 1939, it was squirrels who fired the first warning shots to a specific group of humans: skateboarders.

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