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The predictions were true. The quarantine has everyone inside making #content — this was one of the most extensive link lists for a Monday update in a while. How sustainable it is? Who knows. Boil the Ocean is already speculating on what will happen if we enter a COVID-19 induced footage drought, e.g. will Thrasher be forced to only post “Classics” videos like how ESPN plays old games during off-seasons.

Until then…

“There are so many parallels [between drag queens and skaters], it’s ridiculous. They’re the only group of people I have ever met who are as passionate about what they do as skateboarders are.” I remember mining Mark Nickels for stories about filming the Osiris team in The Storm era at a drunk Nike party years ago, and now, Jenkem did exactly that for the general public to enjoy :)

Cooper Winterson made a new fullish-length video entitled Heady Mental, filmed mostly around New York. Features appearances from Stephen Ostrowski, Ben Kadow, a bunch of the Frog dudes, etc.

Isaac White remixed his own part from Diego Donival’s Potluck video with some bonus clips.

Chris uploaded Jesse Alba’s part from the Frog video, Killer Skaters 2. It’s a shame that the Affliction skate team never popped off…

…aanndd Jesse made an iPhone dump video, in which you will see Max Palmer, Conor Prunty and Mitchell Wilson.

Marcello Campanello has a part in Manifest Destiny, the new video from Karl Watson’s brand, Max Allure Skateboards.

“All you need is 6 good tricks.” Skate Jawn posted an interview with Peter Sidlauskas and a bunch of photos from the filming of Bronze’s 2020 promo on their site.

Even though L.A. could be a cold place in the middle of summer, and a lonely place even when you’re stuck in traffic on the Hollywood freeway, our dear friend and QS contributor, Adam Abada, kept at it and made a selfie video part since relocating there.

Gang Corp put together a B-roll edit of TRV footage that’s more of a ~vibe~ than a montage.

Paul Young uploaded a montage he made in the Bleach days (2015ish) for guys in the market for footage set to a Cormega freestyle. (No girls are in the market for Cormega freestyles.)

Max Hull tests out a new camera in what becomes a spot check for the remodeled Brower Park + some footage at the end from that bowl the guy lives inside of.

Someone uploaded the “raw,” um, cell phone files of Jake Johnson’s part in his hometown scene’s video from the fall.

Complex has part one of what is essentially an express version of Josh Kalis’ Epicly Later’d, but you never need an excuse to rewatch any of that footage.

The Canal dudes brought a box to T.F. West.

Love that POP Trading has made Paris Fashion Week skate edits a bi-annual tradition. We need to tag along on one of those…

Spot Update: The Green Three Block in Harlem is fenced off for reconstruction for the foreseeable future. Thanks to Matt Schleyer for the tip.

Quote of the Week: “Ten years later, Meatball is still complaining and nobody knows what the fuck he’s talking about.” — Andre Page

The quarantine playlist at the QS office has been Lil Uzi dominant with a bit of the new Omar S mixed in, and still frequent revisitations of “More Lights” for upliftment — but during the mellower moments, Terminal Passage on YouTube has been a godsend. It’s like picking through the cool uncle you never had’s endless record collection from the 70s and 80s. Find some new music so you’re not the 12th person editing to one of those Steve Monite songs, or you know, editing every part in a video to “The Box.”


  1. Snacks are running low, it’s already day 10 and we have no intel on what’s going on out there, hopefully this transmission makes it out, god knows how much longer we’ll survive out here.

  2. Thank you for the plug on Terminal Passage. A perfect treasure trove for the work from home crowd slowly losing its mind in algorithm driven Spotify purgatory.

    Anyone know how to get rid of those pesky YouTube ads midway through albums? My AdBlocker stopped working for them.

  3. “Find some new music so you’re not the 12th person editing to one of those Steve Monite songs”

    ^LOL. I don’t even rememeber which ones or where or anything but I do know I’ve heard “only you” in like four skate edits in the past 12 months.

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