‘We can’t roll up until you get a trick’ — ‘Potluck’ is Online in Full

Diego Donival’s Potluck video is now online.

Potluck feels like a slice of the current moment: a survey of younger faces who skate downtown every day, and are beginning to make leaps in progression with each video they appear in. It is also a 2019 video released on a VHS tape. Inside it, you will find at trash can line at Astor Place, filmed on VX, with the skater wearing baggy light jeans and black DC Legacys — the only thing stopping it from seamlessly blending into a copy of Peep This is the spot’s renovation. Like anything interesting in turn-of-the-decade, Olympic-bound skateboarding, Potluck has one foot in the present, another in the past.

However, the video brims with a nowness that never heard a hyperbole about how there is nothing to skate in New York anymore. They charge new spots at the base of the World Trade Center with greater success than any video to date. They find things to skate inside the subway system that were unturned by the Tengu montage. Thinking about things in terms of ABDs is beyond exhausting, and every one of the video’s tricks into the Courthouse Drop includes a grab of some sort — sometimes two. Yaje gets a line on the seldom-skated planter ledge on E. 2nd, which he has no-doubt been passing since his birth. The spines of basketball hoops are apparently skate spots now.

Potluck retains the energy of a small-town video in the world’s largest small-town™ — where the topography changes at the hands of every generation of skaters that inhabit it.

Features parts from Caleb Yuan, Matt Genovese, Kyota Umeki, Marcello Campanello, Isaac White, Quinn Batley, Sully Cormier and Yaje Popson.

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  1. This was highly enjoyable gonna have to rewatch this and Bronze vid 20 times to digest all the tricks/spots

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