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Nik Stain grain by Pauly Coots 📸💞

“There also might be a slight difference in the value of technicality. I think a nollie crook means more to us out here than it may out west to you.” Heckride has a #longform interview with the man behind the lens of many of your favorite clips, Paul Young.

“Then I counted Tyshawn’s part and he only has 32 tricks in Blessed which was his S.O.T.Y. part. It made me realize that it’s not necessarily the quantity of tricks that makes a part good.” Korahn Gayle chats about some of his biggest influences for Slam City Skates’ “Visuals” series.

Can’t imagine many local residents are bummed about this, but something for the “Summer Trip to New York” video-makers to keep in mind: you’re not gonna have an easy time getting an Airbnb in New York.

Monster Children recapped the first annual switch flip off that went down at Tompkins two weeks ago. Everyone that did a switch flip won a prize ❤️

Isaac White does the BAM trick that everyone talked about someone doing one day in his “Titus” part by Nico Marti.

“Nihilism is trending again.” Boil the Ocean manages to celebrate B.G’s release from prison and Miles Silvas’ new Thrasher cover in the same thought. (“How come he’s managed to rock more Twins gear this year than all those Minnesotans on Real combined?”)

Village Psychic popped by a Static 6 premiere pregame to get some predictions and memories on the series. Can’t wait to see everyone at the Static 7 premiere at the Blank Street Coffee Cinema (new name of Village East by next year) in 2032.

The Lookback Library’s latest episode of “Cover Discussions” is with Louie Lopez and his eight (!) magazine covers.

Harry Bergenfield and the Muni crew filmed a Philly-heavy edit for Venture’s collaboration with Skate Jawn.

Jenkem hung out, played pool, and rub-bricked some spots with Caleb McNeely.

Down south skate shop chops up a Seattle guy’s footage to a New York rap song: Humidity Skateshop remixed some Griffin Gass footage to a 2005 Song of the Summer contender.

Anthony Pappalardo the Writer wrote a guide to buying and owning skate art.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — YouTube archivists rounded up the clips from F.A’s annual skate jam in Los Angeles + 8 minutes of the Real team’s clips from a trip to Paris.

Quote of the Week 🗣 “You shouldn’t skate where you sleep.” — Pryce Holmes

Better than any skate part you’ll watch today 🦀


  1. I watched the video with a few joints before I went to sleep. No problem at all! : )

  2. you better stop blaming your baby lungs on the crab before i call peta on your ass you fucking rookie

  3. from that paul young interview: “We were really into Quartersnacks, all that alternative New York skate media that was coming out at the time. “We’ll start a website, why not?” really rep our county – which had little to no representation in skating at the time.”

    god bless this blog

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