Looks Pretty Dope

Congrats to E.T. on going pro 🍸 Board available on the Alltimers site nowPhoto by Anthony Asfour.

Added Kevin Braun’s “Pier 7” part + Casper Brooker’s “Cathedral” part filmed entirely at Southbank (it’s actually the fourth inclusion to be filmed entirely at SB) to the Quartersnacks One-Spot Part Map, which is slowly creeping its way to 100 spots :)

There is absolutely no way you haven’t already caught these, right? Jamal Smith skates to his own music and returns to the Ithaca Park that made him a superstar in his new Adidas part (that heelflip front blunt!) + Jahmir Brown pays homage to Javier Nuñez’s front crook off the Courthouse Drop in his new DC part.

“I once met an old man who was nearly 100, and I said, ‘What do you owe your long years for?’ ‘Walking,’ he said. ‘Death will never catch me up.'” Our dear friend Will Robson-Scott made an incredible video for Palace that has absolutely nothing to do with skateboarding. (It co-stars Heitor, so maybe it has something to do with skateboarding.)

Greg Navarro went out to Staten Island with Leo Heinert and Marco Hernandez to get a tour of the most famous spots in “the forgotten borough” for Jenkem.

“There can be little argument that this current epoch ranks as a kind of camouflage golden age.” Boil the Ocean wrote about Mark Suciu’s camo pants and the general state of camo in 2022 skateboarding at large.

40 minutes of Reynolds loosies + 10 minutes of Sage loosies ❤️

Vague shared a remix of Isaac White’s part in Neema Joorabchi’s Til It’s Gone video.

Your Move is a 30-minute video featuring Kris Brown, Brian Panebianco, and many familiar faces from the circa 2022 Philly scene.

“Is it a catalog or a magazine?” Monster Children has a cool interview with the Yardsale boys about their efforts to drop an annual magazine commemorating all the happenings with their company and team.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — The play of the week is the Sports Desk finding out that Young Dolph and Key Glock are in the background of Ja Morant’s rookie card.

Quote of the Week 🗣
Connor C: “We should start a Patreon for the random people who watch us skate.”
Conor P: “It’ll probably pay for your weed.”


  1. Yes, there are a lot of great parts to catch up on- and it’s only Monday- but Arno Wagner’s nose slide body varial lip to fakie thing (album vid on free) could’ve easily interrupted sour week (that video was of course great, I’m just trying to underscore how good this guy is)

  2. Seeing Sage skate more is honestly such a pleasure. My always favorite from the Cherry gen kids besides the obvious (KB & TJ).

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