Procrastination Olympics

Boil the Ocean’s piece on Revolutions on Granite — the Ukrainian skate scene documentary that went live on Thrasher earlier this month — sums up the power of those 40 minutes in a way that every skateboard writer wishes they could.

Fake puke is expensive. Pryce gave a bunch of the backstories behind a lot of the best Alltimers boards for Solo Skate Mag. Yes, he met Marisa Tomei after they did that cruiser. Yes, she was hyped on it. Like the old proverb goes: “Nobody has a crush on anybody the way men born in the 80s have a crush on Marisa Tomei.”

Shopping carts and bicycle wheels are the new skatestopper. Hosea Peters has a new part entirely filmed in New York.

Throw some old King Louie shit on and watch these 15 minutes of Louie Lopez loosies.

In case you haven’t caught it yet, there’s tons of New York footy in the new Melodi video, including some Trung Nguyen clips. That ollie and back 3 with the front foot off at the downtown Brooklyn post office is fucking insane, too.

Thrasher posted their interview with Krazy Frankie ❤️

“I specifically said ‘Hey! I’m Casper’ and he heard me for sure. Then later on that day the guy ended up DM’ing Mike [Arnold] saying ‘It was great meeting you,’ that one blew my mind.” Heckride interviewed Mike Arnold Casper Brooker.

“To me, the single most relevant marker of indie sleaze’s infamous return is a video part from Kevin ‘Spanky’ Long, the skater who, in many ways, defined the 2000s for me.” Waxing the Curb wrote about Spanky’s “Horses” part.

Videographer Romain Bataard dropped a mini video of Sylvain Tognelli’s battle with one of the most profoundly fucked up tricks in the Carhartt full-length from last month.

That Steely Dan song from North 2 plays in my head whenever the words “Tony Ferguson” come up, so it was mentally on repeat for an hour straight because he’s the guest on The Bunt this week.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Something about Dinwiddie’s game-winner over the Nets felt like it was the type of shot that teams reserve for Knicks meltdowns.

Quote of the Week 🗣
A 10-Year-Old: “Brady, are you rich?”
Danny Brady: “I’m just rich in happiness, man.”

A different perspective on filling your gas tank (has nothing to do with basketball) 🧠 “This is bordering on ‘what’s closer: the west coast or the moon?'”


  1. ^^^^ Because Vans pays [some of their] bills??

    I don’t actually believe that would hinder Snackman, butbthe whole situation ended with a fizzle anyway.

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