Europe 2022: Carhartt WIP’s ‘Inside Out’ Video

Over the years, there has been a decent amount of QS discourse about “EuroTech™” and the successor to the seminal European skate document of the roaring 00’s: Lordz’ They Don’t Give A Fuck About Us video.

The irony, of course, is that EuroTech™ was finding itself bumped down into a smaller sub-genre of European skating throughout that same QS coverage — in favor of the type of cutty city-scouring practiced by the generation that came of age on “cherry”, and videos from Palace, Polar and GX.

Carhartt WIP’s first-ever full-length is full of names that will be familiar to anyone who supplements their Thrashersphere diet with videos from Free, Grey, Place, Solo, et al.

…actually, there are no names in it at all — probably the only gripe you could have with this incredible years-long culmination is that it continues the modern skate video tendency of forcing us to clock people based on clues from their stances and shoes. Tell us who they are!

Nobody’s mistaking the Ohioan they brought along though! 😉


  1. Atlantic Drifts have production value!

    And Nike SB videos but those aren’t exactly anybodys favorite place to watch Max footage are they?

  2. So true about the names. This part was incredibly well done though, these skaters are rad as fuck

  3. Saying something like “John’s Vid” doesn’t have “production value” because there’s not a bunch of film b-roll of dude’s faces or whatever is stupid.

  4. i think they meant production VALUE in terms of $$$, not artistic or creative value lol

  5. Trying to divert attention away from carhartt loosing so much in stock’s since the ceo bad decision.lmao

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