Nothing But A Mission

Action Shot by Zach Baker

It’s a [belated] Christmas Miracle! 🎄 Will spare you another disclaimer about supply chain delays, but “Fall / Holiday” QS merch is arriving at shops in the U.S. now! Travel got it! Labor got it! Everyone’s getting it! Europe soon! Japan soon! U.K. now! Webstore January 7! If you want 35% off on anything that’s left in there, use promo code lastcall at checkout. Thanks for supporting your local skate site! ❤️

In 2021, Joey O’Brien won by 28 points. In 2020, Tom Knox won by a whopping 534 points. The inverse is true with full lengths. In 2020, Cons’ Seize the Seconds video won by just 18 points over FA’s Dancing On Thin Ice. In 2021, The Reuben won by a sizable 174 points.” 4Ply Mag, the official statisticians behind the QS Readers Poll, wrote a deep-dive on the methodology and breakdown of how the votes got tallied 📊

“Catania? I’m from Catania.” The Traffic Skateboards team went out to the east side of Sicily this past fall, only to learn that there was a hurricane headed their way. Luke got footage, Keith did not, Paul Young on the beat. Worth going back, tbh.

Cyrus Bennett went on the Angel & Z podcast on the eve of the Paymaster release.

Boil the Ocean is halfway through its annual countdown of the year’s best parts.

Easy to miss the low-key releases during Skate Oscars season, but be sure to give Jourdynn Sherman’s ATL Wings video out of Atlanta a watch during this catch-up week.

Just wanted to thank Zach Moore for the laughs again this year:

Heckride interviewed Gilbert Crockett, and the Bust Crew boys put Bodyfiller online in full ❤️

Part 2 of Dead on Arrival’s “Final Countdown” video is now live to get you hyped on taking a springtime trip to Albany listening to 90’s rap ;) Great choreography by J.D. at the Manhattan Bridge manny as well.

Never a dull moment in any of the POP Trading Co. clips: our Benelux friends dropped their annual “recycled” edit on Thrasher.

“Nobody can do it for a dollar a slice anymore.” The New York Times has a piece about how the dollar slice is facing extinction due to the pandemic.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: It’s honestly sometimes a big reach not giving these to Steph, because, like, who comes here to see Warriors highlights? But there are occasions when it’s what in the actual fuck, and it’s like, “Yeah, we can give Steph Curry play of the week on a skateboard website.”

Quote of the Week: “I’m down for Jon Dickson. If you have mutton chops for ten years straight, you’re legit.” — Brian Kuz

Quartersnacks will be on vacation this week and return on Monday, January 3, 2022.


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