Atlanta Report — Worldformation’s ‘BACKPAIN’ Video

BACKPAIN is Worldformation’s follow-up to ATLWINGS, the great Atlanta scene video that snuck late into 2021’s Skateboard Oscars Season™. (You might remember the front feeble pinch heard around the world, the Young Thug beat drop on the forward flip, Ron Parker’s closer part, or any other number of highlights.)

The sequel is as thoughtfully put together as the last, if edited even more tightly and covering every type of skateboarding you could do traveling back and forth between Atlanta and New York. It even includes an opener from QS office favorite, Eddie Vargas Jr. + a mini dedication to the beauty of just fucking around at a two-stair all day towards the end.

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Nothing But A Mission

Action Shot by Zach Baker

It’s a [belated] Christmas Miracle! 🎄 Will spare you another disclaimer about supply chain delays, but “Fall / Holiday” QS merch is arriving at shops in the U.S. now! Travel got it! Labor got it! Everyone’s getting it! Europe soon! Japan soon! U.K. now! Webstore January 7! If you want 35% off on anything that’s left in there, use promo code lastcall at checkout. Thanks for supporting your local skate site! ❤️

In 2021, Joey O’Brien won by 28 points. In 2020, Tom Knox won by a whopping 534 points. The inverse is true with full lengths. In 2020, Cons’ Seize the Seconds video won by just 18 points over FA’s Dancing On Thin Ice. In 2021, The Reuben won by a sizable 174 points.” 4Ply Mag, the official statisticians behind the QS Readers Poll, wrote a deep-dive on the methodology and breakdown of how the votes got tallied 📊

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