Atlanta Report — Worldformation’s ‘BACKPAIN’ Video

BACKPAIN is Worldformation’s follow-up to ATLWINGS, the great Atlanta scene video that snuck late into 2021’s Skateboard Oscars Season™. (You might remember the front feeble pinch heard around the world, the Young Thug beat drop on the forward flip, Ron Parker’s closer part, or any other number of highlights.)

The sequel is as thoughtfully put together as the last, if edited even more tightly and covering every type of skateboarding you could do traveling back and forth between Atlanta and New York. It even includes an opener from QS office favorite, Eddie Vargas Jr. + a mini dedication to the beauty of just fucking around at a two-stair all day towards the end.

Filmed and edited by Jourdynn Sherman, with animation by Halloweentown 1998.

Features Eddie Vargas, Deven Wharton, Justin Hearn, Elijah Simmons, Zay Oliver, Lee Itzchaki, Siah Allen, Zack Kitt, Jeremy Turner, Hunter Thompson, Liam Tiemeyer, Ron Parker, Jack Tabor, Jourdynn Sherman, Gabe Feliz, Jairus Brown, Miles Skrull, Pete Simpson, Chino Henry and Julian Jennings.

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