Weekend Viewing — Sexhippies’ “HI” Video Starring Eddie Vargas Jr. + Jojo Vargas

Sexhippies just dropped “HI,” their inaugural video offering filmed largely throughout Massachusetts and bordering lands. It kicks off with a few cameos from Jasper Dohrs, Carlos Kanter and Andrew Wilson, but the real stars of the show are Eddie and Jojo Vargas from Gardner, Massachusetts — who you might remember from “Pittsinatti,” the midwest trip video that Orchard dropped last summer. This one has their first proper full parts, full of timeless skateboarding (really partial to Eddie’s switch and nollie hardflip form) that’s as much of the present as its in the era of the pre-VX1000 camcorder that the video is filmed on.


  1. Mehh…intro was way too long and trying a bit hard for a 15 min clip. Clothes look like overpriced garbage tbch, especially that first dudes fit.

  2. Haven’t watched yet, but I remember seeing the Vargas brothers at the Gardner skatepark when they were really young and, although I think I remember them trying tricks off the side of the qp to flat, there was something about them that stood out. Cool to see they’re on QS now :)

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