Lousy Smarch Weather

E.J. with 2018 gang by Keith Denley

Johnny Wilson chatted with Heckride about some of the backstories behind John’s Vid, and the virtues of not building public anticipation to an upcoming project.

“[Keith] saw that we had skateboards and asked if we wanted to skate his ‘run.’ This ‘run’ was a planned-out continuous route of spots he’d hit on a daily basis. You had to skate it fast and without stopping because there was traffic, open businesses, pedestrians and security guards — who knew Keith would be pushing through at some point after 3 P.M. when school was out.” Thrasher has an incredible retrospective feature that recounts stories from many of Huf’s closest friends.

Yaje Popson third-eye-open at the Columbus Park rail in his new black and white part for Gino Iannucci’s Poets Brand.

Ian Browning spoke to Briana King about the politics of giving people unsolicited pointers at the skatepark in Village Psychic’s always enjoyable “Rules of Skateboarding” series.

ESPN’s Stevie Williams documentary is online in full.

“I’d happily give $100 to anyone that can tell me what is actually good with Pat G.” Rather than shelling out a hundo in a recession for an answer, the minds at 4Ply — winner of 2020’s “Best New Skate Media” Award — sat down with one of Frog’s franchise skaters for an interview and statistical analysis.

You’ll probably recognize some of the Mexico City spots, but the residential hill bombs and carves are the real visual gold in Loophole Wheels and Zach Chamberlin’s “No Borders” edit. (Assuming those were the Tijuana portion of the video?)

Bust Crew channels the mind of turn-of-the-millennium Daewon Song (something that, even with 20 years, we still haven’t began wrapping our heads around) in a Richmond, Virginia parking lot.

Post-pandemic plans include a trip to Marseilles.

Nearly 20 minutes of Instagram loosies from Kader Sylla.

Quote of the Week: “It’s such a downer when somebody’s not into zodiacs though.” — Franco

This was like the third song in that uncharacteristic QS Monday Links epilogue mix from a few weeks ago, but the video, song, and Kool G Rap sample are all worth a closer nod ;) Shout out 1995 or whatever.