Winter 2026

Congratulations to pro skateboarder, Jesse Alba

Winter 2021 #TRENDWATCH: Human kickflips. A lil’ worried about what this spells for people’s necks if this #trend really starts to take off…

Hood Motivation” is the latest video from Thumbs NYC, filmed at a lot more tucked-away spots throughout the city and beyond. Features parts from Olu Stanley (that switch hardflip on the diamond-plate bank!), Angel Fonseca, and others.

Village Psychic presents “The Prospect Video,” a six-minute, second-half-of-2020 edit by Derek Heydle, that is effectively “Night Lines at BAM: The Video.”

Be thankful for what you got: A six-minute Andrew Reynolds remix of IG footage from 2020, set to the William DeVaughn song often mislabeled as a Curtis Mayfield song, via the minds at YouWillSoon. (2019 Reynolds mix via YWS here.)

4Ply ran the numbers on Marisa Dal Santo’s Strange World part, and The Warm-Up Zone provided an addendum of Marisa analysis.

Jenkem went out to skate the hidden full-pipe in New Jersey with Fred Gall and Oski. No matter your opinion on the Olympics, the fact that a European Olympian could be granted access to the U.S. during the pandemic under the premise of “Olympic training,” so that he could then go skate some crusty hell with Fred Gall is pretty fucking sick.

Holy hardflip: Tyler Dietterich’s part in Bill Simpson’s Suburban Selection video is now live

Seven, Na-Kel, K.B, and others in the latest Zubr IG footy comp edition.

Germany’s Solo mag ran down the skater food staples throughout some of the major skate cities. This topic could literally be expanded into a Bourdain-esque Around the World on an Empty Stomach type book for skate travel. Joe’s isn’t a dollar slice spot, Solo! Also mussels in Turkey seems so fire.

Boil the Ocean pontificates on skateboarding’s most iconic dump truck — at least for those who don’t know the Dallas Todd dump truck story from ~summer ’18 ;)

Heck Ride has an interview with Aaron Meza that touches everything from the story behind Super Champion Funzone to the Epicly Later’d episodes that never ended up coming into fruition. Fun read.

Quote of the Week
Roctakon: “I can’t get laid in Seattle because I didn’t vote.”
Inquisitive Gentleman: “Can’t you just say you voted?”
Roctakon: “Nah. I gotta keep it a buck.”

Not really the type of thing that normally gets posted in the epilogue of a Monday Links post, but hey, these are not normal times ;)


  1. Reynolds remix is an absolute joy – something like an injection of the dreamlike, half-forgotten pleasures of skateboarding in one’s prepubescent youth.

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