Fool’s Spring

Adrian Vega via Giovanni Reda. This photo really does justice to how gnar tricks on this bank are.

Zach Moore (director of last summer’s remix blockbuster, “Jake Johnson: The Movie“) is front-running for delivering 2021’s best laughs so far. A)The Ultimate Skate Songs Collection” envisions skate videos’ most iconic music in the format of a late-night TV commercial for a CD box set. The plot twist in this one is so brilliant. B)A Caption To Die For” pays tribute to Thrasher‘s often absurd video captions in the form of old-timey newspapermen by way of classic Hollywood film noir. Give Zach Moore his skate Oscar.

This likely got to you last week, but ICYMI, Cyrus was the latest guest on The Bunt.

Village Psychic got ahold of Zered Bassett for a chat about the five best skaters from Massachusetts on behalf of its “State Series.”

Ian Browning spoke to style-goat Jerry Fowler about the yellow barrier/bank at Boston’s Copley Square for the Orchard Skateshop blog. Would gladly cheerlead a resurgence of skate shop blog #content to fight the good fight against the Insta black hole…

Jeff Cecere has a great New York edit up on Thrasher that includes footy from Brad Cromer, Carl Aikens, Brendan Carroll, and a lot of other familiar faces. Shout out to K.T. for ollieing those double bars on Sixth Avenue like eight years ago, too.

Brad Cromer also has a new interview up on Heckride. New Krooked vid this month.

30% of New York skateboarding occurs under the Kosciuszko Bridge now, and Daesup Song has a new edit with Seth Cheeks + Robert Lim to bump that up a couple percentage points ;)

*Eight* editions of a local video series is a monumental milestone. Terminal is the latest from the Deep Dish dudes out of Chicago.

Twenty minutes of Ishod IG loosies let’s gooooooo.

The Los Angeles Times has a 15-minute mini doc about the legacy of Jeff Grosso.

Helas uploaded its Fellas video — hailed by Frozen in Carbonite as “the most essential EuroTech document since Lordz’ TDGAFAU” — in full on YouTube.

Quote of the Week: “I knew Gary Rogers was going to have something to say once I filmed that line of Antonio at Lenox.” — E.J. re: Skateline on the VX exposure in The Hardbody Video