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Smoking is lame, but this photo is cool. Via Jersey Dave. Dave is also selling photo tees over on his website, so give him some money if you’re feeling generous today.

If you need some skate spot pornography to cheer you up on this rainy day, Kingpin ran a listicle of the “Top 25” skate plazas in the world. FWIW, Bercy is gone and Republiqué (see 1:33) took its place, and Para-lel is unfortunately on its way out soon. The #stalinplaza tag on IG is also a great way to kill a half-hour fantasizing.

Also, how could you forget about Eggs? The northeast’s last great ledge spot / plaza north of the Beltway.

Shorty’s Guilty is sorta the Caligula of skate videos.

This seems like an occasionally horrific endeavor: Two dudes snuck into an abandoned psych ward out in New York state…so they could skate inside it.

Here’s an an A.V.E. Gardner line and an A.V.E. interview.

It’s really cool to see Jerry Fowler still at it. His 411 Profile and tricks in the Rhythm industry section rank as some of the most frequent 411 revisitations, and even Strobeck admitted that he was the catalyst behind the backside nosegrind pop out’s development, which Pappalardo and Wenning later popularized among New Jerseyians in baggy jeans and DC Lynxes. Simply seeing the dude do a noseslide is sick. You can catch other parts from Orchard’s Stone Soup video here.

A wood pallet up to the never-functional water fountain at T.F. may be the most desperate Tompkins obstacle of 2014, but then, we are reminded of this.

Jerome Campbell likely locked up “360 Flip of the Year” honors earlier this fall, but Al Davis might’ve just snagged the switch title.

Slam City Skates has a cool feature about his five favorite photographs, which acts as a springboard for some stories behind the scenes of the past few Static videos.

Not a whole lot of subtlety going on in the Chocolate Epicly Later’d finale.

Five years later, still #relevant in this fashion game. Available for consulting, etc.

FYI: Mentioned this on Twitter, but all of you privy to riding the occasional “loose” Citi bike you may stumble upon — be careful. Got stopped for “running a red light,” only to have the cops run a serial number check to verify that it wasn’t stolen. Was completely random, and not in a sketchy zone at all. Be careful.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week: J.R. Smith’s face after Trey Burke hit that game winner is priceless, especially since he hit the most J.R. Smith-esque game winner of the season, not by J.R. Smith, who hasn’t hit any game winners.

Quote of the Week: “I dead-ass saw him slap some dude dumb bigger than him.” — Andre Page

Friendly reminder that the best trick ever done down the Flushing six-stair manual pad wasn’t even a manual trick. New Jersey’s finest, 1999ish:

Music, Money, Monday Links (on a Tuesday)

shawn heelflip

Shawn Powers — Soho heelflip. Photo by Mike O’Meally

Back in town. Heard of two new spots already! Some of these links are old obvs.

Lucas Puig and friends at MACBA. That little kid rips.

After causing quite a few cringes and “Ooohhh” reactions at the Static 4 premiere, Orchard put the painful teaser for their new video, Stone Soup, online.

“Based on his Bay Area legacy and the fact that my personal affinity for Marcus in my youth had gone as far as the habitual wearing of a Starter T-shirt inspired by the Trilogy VHS that was effectively super glued in my VCR, I was nervous just to be around him.” FYI: This should be mandatory weekly viewing.

Yoooooooooo Huf’s in-and-out Banks wall line

Ever wonder how skateboards are made? Here’s a brief mini doc on that very subject from the crew at Chapman Skateboards.

Jason Dill talks about pants and his Photosynthesis part. “That’s a bad frontside noseslide.” (Why didn’t they discuss the recording of this call though?)

NY Skateboarding filmed the entire Q & A with Chris Carter and Duane Pitre from the Memory Screen event that happened in Brooklyn last week.

Jenkem has an interview with Kevin Tierney and Transworld has an interview and mini clip with Rob Gonyon. Always found it weird when people (and there are A LOT of them, not just Rob) lose interest in the NBA when the Knicks aren’t involved, thus depriving themselves of viewing actually *good* basketball. It’s like listening to Wu-Tang and turning the song off after U-God’s verse ends. Anyway, new Bronze video!

Cooper Winterson has a cool new mini video with all the young guns. Citibike wallies!

Happy rap music! (“There seems to be an inordinate amount of exclamation points.”)

Hopps has a quick “Welcome to the Team” Insta vid for Cyrus Bennett and a mini clip with Brian Clarke from the Battery Park L Ledges.

The Canadian Vans team goes to Boston, New York and Philadelphia.

Raekwon and Ghostface Lieberman.

QS Sports Desk: Hyped that the Sports Desk’s new favorite non-German player over 6′ 3 won the Finals MVP. Lebron must really hate the state of Texas.


Quote of the Week: “All ADHD means is that you’re psyched on doing things.” — Francesco Pini, C.E.O. of QS International’s Italian and Scandinavian Branches


“I remember when dinner depended on my fishing rod.”

Did Halloween happen yesterday or is it happening today?

Chris Christie is not the Governor of New Jersey. Fred Gall is. Largely because he is the only one willing to go into illicit portions of the state where the economy is sustained by PCP smoke and crack sales. The last spot in this welcome clip of him and Steve Durante for Orchard skate shop (out in Allston, Massachusetts) and Seasons skate shop (up in Albany) is one one of the more terrifying locations to skateboard at in the entire state. The nineties never ended there. Actually, they probably never even began.

Knives and Beer” is Pryce Holmes’ short video depiction of a camping trip that was filled with a lot of knives and many cans of beer.

Abada made this two-minute profile of Alex Duke many years ago. You can check out of some of his design work for Consolidated and other companies over here.

You know them dudes stylin’ in Osiris shoes.” #skateboardrap. (QS has already stated that it is a Nolan Lee-supporting enterprise.)

Someone mentioned this Andy Bautista Logic 6 part in last week’s EST post. And truly, it was a crucial video part to anyone who grew up skating around New Jersey. Even though a lot of it was filmed in Los Angeles, it is done so in the most east coast way imaginable. This is the era that still felt the effects of Osiris’ profoundly damaging Storm project (maybe the 5050 varial heelflip out on Pyramid Ledges was a form of Osiris-isms peeking out from the New-York-est trick ever: the frontside 5050 front shove out), and this dude is filming a crooked grind, kickflip on flat, and frontside 180 nosegrind line out in L.A. and still managing to make it look great. Very few short dudes have great style in skateboarding, but this guy definitely pulls it off. I might still have some poached footage of him doing nosegrind reverts at Hoboken Ledges on a DV tape buried in a shoebox somewhere. Features a German Nieves cameo, and quite literally, one of the most underrated nineties rap songs ever on the soundtrack. As someone who always complains about rap music, Spike Lee managed to have a handful of great rap songs in his movies.

You can see a quick slideshow from Halloween Hellraiser over here if you’re into that sort of thing. I bumped into Billy last night for a second, dressed up like he was in the Nation of Islam, and he goes, “Tyrone Biggums was there.” “What? there’s a kid who looks like Tyrone Biggums?” “No, the dude from Chapelle’s Show.” “Who, Dave Chapelle?” “No, Tyrone Biggums, the character.” I still don’t know what that means.

Oh, and Billy is on Twitter.

Around the time of last Halloween and the proceeding weeks, every individual involved with QS had this song on rotation for at least one-fifth of their day. It’s a shame these dudes suck now and one of them is off making songs about scarves with Kanye West. The song itself has not gotten any less relevant, or pertinent as go-to motivational music for any sort of emotionally taxing task.

Quote of the Week:If you see a hot girl in Barcelona, she’ll turn around and have dreads down her neck and a Star Trek tattoo on her face.” – Pryce Holmes

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