Max Palmer: The Video A.K.A. Paul Coots’ ‘HIT’ Video

A colleague remarked that months ago, he had driven past the red Navy Yard Philly step, saw a disconfigured piece of wood up to it, and knew that it had to be a Max Palmer concoction — despite there being no skaters in sight. (That spot is also the headline image for the first Max part QS ever posted in 2011.) He was right.

The Hit Video is the year-plus in the making project by Paul Coots, a principal architect behind the BSA videos. At the premiere on Saturday night, drunkards [remembered this was actually Max Hull’s quote and he wasn’t that buzzed ♥] lovingly dubbed it “basically Max Palmer’s Wonderful horrible life.” It feels like a warm VX throwback to the sideyard era of Johnny Wilson videos, with cameos from Cyrus, DREEWWWWWWW, Conor (!) and even John Choi (!!!) along the way.

Max doesn’t only retread Beef Patty-era crust like the Navy Yard step. He gets tech. He hardflips. He brings a renegade bike rack to the front of some steps. He finds a new way to front nose the Polish Park ledges on McGuiness, on the “bad side” of an already-bad spot. There’s really no way to write about Max’s skating for the tenth year in a row without being overwhelming, but let’s just say everyone looked forward to this video a lot, and it rules.

Also features parts from Brad Hendrickson, Nik Stain, Jake Keenan and Ryan Mettz.

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  1. Watching this video was like renewing vows in a marriage after 25 years… It completely rekindled the love I have for Max, Cyrus and Nik. True love never fades.

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