Mayor Josh Hart

Tao Ström dropped a new Julius Rohrberg part for Hjalte Halberg and Anton Juul’s brand, Dancer. Lots of creative approaches to classic Copenhagen spots, in addition to some new ones. Includes cameos from Hjlate, Ville et al. That ender is some real galaxy brain shit. Also spotted a vintage QS tee ;)

Daniel Wheatley posted up the trailer for his upcoming video, Blanket. Tom Knox! Charlie Birch! Nick Michael! Josh Pall! And Mingus Gamble has to be one of the greatest skate names of all time.

As a more grassroots sidebar to “Real Street,” the X-Games is [are?] hosting a bracketed video competition between local shop crews. The first bracket match-up is Baltimore’s Vu Skateshop v.s. Boston’s Orchard Skateshop.

Jenkem spoke to our bud Doug Brown from 2nd Nature Park + a few others about running an indoor skatepark in 2024.

Blaine Williams and his crew have a new VX edit out, all filmed around the city and powered by Twisted Tea. Holy bluntslide pop out.

There’s a new, way-too-short Evan Wasser “Welcome to Noah” video, in case you missed it.

“Would a still-more abrasive edit, with further layers of analog paper-mache oddments and trick-obscuring effects, propel AWS vids yet to come to more prominent positioning in the all-powerful algorithms, or only frustrate already-tattered attention spans?” You can’t make a 1991 Alien Workshop video for 2024’s attention spans, but how much AWS-ness is the right amount of AWS-ness? Boil the Ocean searches for an answer.

It is an irrefutable law of the universe that “nobody skates NYC harder than the Arizona drink company skateboard team” (see #9), so the Arizona Drink Company Skateboard Team sought to test that concept overseas. Features Leo Heinert, Juan Pablo Velez and more.

Jordan Taylor is the latest guest on The Bunt + Ed Templeton is the latest guest on Living Proof Radio + Grant Yansura is the latest guest on Beyond Boards.

Damn, that “Times Square casino” thing became real sooner than expected.

iPhone Loosies Corner 🚬 — Six minutes from QS-favorite, Nick Michel + Six minutes from Sour Solution lord, Vincent Huhta + three minutes from Corey Glick.

QS Sports Desk Play of the Week 🏀 — Pick an Anthony Edwards play from Saturday.

Quote of the Week 🗣
K.T: “Can you back lip [to] back noseblunt? Yeah, exactly.”
Connor Champion: “Would you like me to begin listing off the tricks I can do that you can’t?”

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